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Marc and JLo are Happy Parents

Jennifer Lopez and her husband, Marc Anthony, continue to squash rumors that there is trouble in their paradise as they were seen going out to a big dinner event in New York last week. Recently in an interview with US, JLo couldn’t stop talking about how happy being a mother made her while Anthony couldn’t help adding in that he […]

The Twins’ First Birthday!

Despite all the drama surrounding their parents, it sounds like Max and Emme had a great birthday party last Saturday complete with clowns and celebrity guests. I would expect a huge affair made out of this but seeing as how I didn’t even really hear about it until it was a slow news day, it […]

Jennifer’s Surprise Appearance

Lopez Still Says She and Marc are Fine

Jennifer Lopez not only had people talking with her barely-there gold dress at the Golden Globes on Sunday but she also made tongues wag by not wearing her wedding ring – AGAIN! Now she’s claiming that not wearing her ring had nothing to do with the state of her marriage but it was in fact, only […]

J.Lo Makes Sure People will Keep Talking

Ya know, I can’t stand it when stars know that they are going to do something – especially something major such as getting a divorce – and instead of just going ahead and doing it, they drag it out for the most media coverage that they can possibly get out of it. And that’s exactly […]

J.Lo and Marc will Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By singing a duet together and then getting a divorce. You gotta hand it to the stars these days who think that it’s appropriate to plan out when you’re going to get divorced, and then decide on huge, grand gestures to end the marriage with – such as singing a duet together just before you […]

JLo and Marc Want you to Believe They’re Fine

There was talk just a few days ago that Jennifer Lopez and her husband Marc Anthony were having problems. The rumors were started because JLo went out one night and didn’t wear her wedding ring and the very next day, both stars were out acting very affectionate and both sporting their most important bling on their left hands. […]

Are JLo and Marc in Trouble?

I don’t understand these stars that feel as though they need to go out making public appearances and putting on this grand show of love every time that a rumor comes out that their coupledom is in trouble. Sarah Jessica and Matthew Broderick have done it, Madonna and Guy Ritchie have done it, and now Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are […]

After the Birth

Hollywood is now so deep into the baby boom industry that it’s hard to keep up with who is doing what and how with their little ones. While it’s safe to say that everybody is happy and healthy, we of course, are always looking for more than that. Here are a few of the new […]

Lopez and Anthony Talk About Twins

It wasn’t until Jennifer Lopez was well into her pregnancy that everyone heard that she was indeed pregnant. After that, it seemed to be all anyone could talk about, with Lopez’s and hubby’s Marc Anthony’s face seeming to be everywhere. We all knew how much they were getting for first picture rights, where she was […]

J. Lo the Mother of Push Presents

Push presents are becoming all the rage these days as fathers give the mother of their children presents for pushing the baby out. There are no set standards for these presents but let’s hope that the standard doesn’t become the same as those that Marc Anthony gave Jennifer Lopez for giving birth to their twins, […]

Start with Star Treatment Thinks J.Lo

And would we expect anything else really? Having a diva as a mom and a superstar singer in his own right for a dad, I’m sure everyone expected it. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went all out before their twins were even here. Reserving hospital rooms, and having the hospital staff perform test security runs […]

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Are Born

Jennifer Lopez, who announced at the end of a November concert, “Marc and I are expecting a baby!” according to People, should have mentioned that there were actually babies – plural. But no one found that out until this month when her father spilled the beans on a Spanish television program. Jennifer Lopez and Marc […]

Lopez’s Manager Hates Her Hubby

  Irving Azoff, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, is reported to have quit on the singer because he had problems with Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony. Celebedge reports, “They had a heated phone conversation last week and he sent her a letter of resignation, telling her in blunt terms that she was unprofessional and he was not happy […]

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez: Celebrating The New Baby(ies?)!

Jennifer Lopez is finally experiencing what it’s like to weigh as much as a chicken shed, while Marc Anthony looks even paler than usual lately. Ah, the joy of impending parenthood. Jennifer is due in just a few weeks, and they’re celebrating the new arrival with a baby shower. Naturally, I’m sure the party will […]

J-Lo Comes Clean

Jennifer Lopez has finally decided that she wants to tell people she’s pregnant. Whoop-ti-do. Most of the known world knew this before she did. Terribly nosy society today, aren’t we? Her and Marc Anthony broke the news over J-Lo‘s enormous baby belly, and everyone cheered and acted surprised, of course. From People: “It’s perhaps America’s […]

J-Lo Knocked Up!

Well, finally. It looked like J-Lo might have been pregnant, there was some speculation, but no one has really seriously come out and accused her… you know, because then we honest, and truth-oriented bloggers could get sued. Ahem. But yes, it’s true, J-Lo is pregnant! At least, that’s what TMZ says: “Sources have confirmed to […]

Can someone remind Marc Anthony…

…that besides Kevin Federline..he’s one of the ugliest luckiest men in Hollywood. Photos: Teddy & Moo