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Travis Barker and Mandy Moore Speak about DJ AM

When I first heard of DJ AM’s death on Saturday, the first people I thought of, and that the world thought of I think, were Travis Barker and Mandy Moore. Barker was on the same plane as DJ AM was that ended up crashing and killing 4 other people.Moore dated the DJ for quite awhile […]

Mandy and Ryan take a Newlywed Stroll

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams will celebrate their one-month anniversary as a married couple this Friday and last week, they were seen taking a nice stroll in Rumyon Canyon, which is in the Hollywood Hills. The two were married in a small church in the countryside, in a secret ceremony no less, and have yet to take […]

Mandy Moore’s Wedding Details

I just wrote the other day about how I thoughtthe spontaneous marriage between Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams is doomed but new details have been released about the actual ceremony and what can I say? I’m a sucker for a good love story. It doesn’t change my mind any about this relationship but it does sound like […]

Mandy Moore and Ryan Adams Got Married

After a very tumultuous relationship, which included a brief breakup and reconnection with her ex, DJ AM, Mandy Moore has become the wife of Ryan Adams. The two got engaged only a month ago and although Moore did a little bit of gushing (which included weird ideas about her DJ-ex playing at her wedding), apparently none of that […]

Mandy Moore is Engaged

Mandy’s Family Troubles

It seemed that all was well in the world of Mandy Moore, who recently reunited with her ex-boyfriend, DJ AM after he survived a terrible plane crash. But it seems that this girl-next-door face has some serious skeletons in the closet when it comes to her family and Star has revealed them all. From Pop […]

Mandy Moore Hooks back Up with DJ AM

So I have to admit that until that fatal plane crash that nearly claimed the lives of DJ AM and Travis Barker, and did claim the lives of four others, I had never heard of the apparently famous DJ. I did find out, after reading reports of the accidents, that he had been engaged to […]

Mandy Moore Splits from Ryan Adams florist delivery

Mandy Moore has had her heart broken by yet another. The actress has been dating Ryan Adams for only a few months when he has decided that being in the flower delivery woodbridge ontario and the spotlight with her is just too much to handle. From Hollyscoop, “Adams tells Ok! Magazine, “Mandy is one of […]