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Is Derek Jeter Getting Married?

I’m not a big baseball fan. I have to admit, before Alex Rodriguez started dating Madonna, I only vaguely knew who he was. But I definitely didn’t know what he team he played for, and I still couldn’t tell you what position he plays. The same goes for Derek Jeter, but even more so. I […]

Cutie Watch: Gwyn, Apple and Moses

I’m not really a huge fan of Gwyneth Paltrow. And to be honest, it’s not even really her fault. It’s her super close relationship with Madonna and the fact that she gives her children ridiculous names that makes me cringe every time I hear her name. But, walking down the streets of London with her […]

The Latest on Madonna and Jesus

I was just thinking that it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Madonna and whoever her current love interest is. And to be honest, I was sort of happy about it. But, just when I was thinking that we were all getting a reprieve from all things Madonna, she’s popped back up in the […]

Guy Ritchie is Still In Love with Madonna

There’s no talk of a reunion here but apparently, Guy Ritchie is still very much in love with Madonna. In a recent interview, the London director spoke about his feelings for his ex-wife and swooned and swooned about the pop star’s physical capabilities, saying that Madonna could out-dance and out-move any 23-year-old. He also talked […]

Jesus Luz is Madonna’s New Protege

Back off, Britney Spears, Madonna has a new protege in the making and it’s none other than her former lover, Jesus Luz. Reportedly, Madonna dumped the much-younger man just a short while ago but that doesn’t mean that she’s lost interest in making him a star. I guess the modeling career that she had laid […]

Gwyneth Paltrow Likes to Remind Jen Garner She’s Still There

I’m really not a fan of Gwyneth Paltrow’s. She never does any movies that interest me in the least but mostly, she’s Madonna’s BFF, which means that she has a level of respect for that woman that I just can’t understand. Also, Gwyneth always seems to me to be the type of person that needs to […]

Jesus Jealous of Guy

Ya know what one of the problems is with dating a 20-something guy when you’re 50-something? It’s that you’ve experienced a lot in life and he hasn’t. Another big problem is that he won’t understand why your past experiences are still following you around and will be for the remainder of your life. In Madonna’s […]

Is Angie Going to Have More Kids?

Well it’s been awhile since we last talked about the possibility of Angelina Jolie having more kids. I think it might have been a whole five seconds. So now, maybe because Madge is busy making preparations for Mercy’s arrival, Angelina has come out to say that she doesn’t want you to forget that she adopted […]

Mercy is Coming to the States!

Is Madonna Adopting Mercy or Not?

Madonna Still Looking to Adopt

An Update on the Weirdest Love Triangle Ever

Madonna Allows Jesus to Speak

Well as soon as the father of Jesus Luz, alleged lover boy of Madonna, came out and told the tabloids that he was pretty sure there was going to be a ceremony of some sort between his son and the Queen of Pop, you can bet that Madge whipped up a script, handed it to Jesus and told him […]

The Infamous Hollywood Cat Fight Continues

I’m so glad that Angelina Jolie and Madonna have one of the most infamous cat fights in Hollywood history. They are both so juvenile with overinflated egos that watching them hurl mud back and forth between each other is really quite entertaining. The feud centers, and always has centered, on the fact that both have adopted from […]

Didn’t This Happen Last Year?

Kate, Kate, Kate. It seems that Kate Hudson can never venture into new waters as far as men are concerned as she’s famous for recycling her lovers such as her infamous on-again/off-again fling with Owen Wilson. Well it seems that union, which was recently reported to have been rekindled in February, has once again fizzled out and Kate has […]

Madonna and Jesus Luz to be Committed

To each other, of course. But this whole relationship has me so sick that I would really like to see both of them committed. But really the two are set to ‘get married’ in a Kabbalah ceremony that will unite the two in some sort of commitment. I think the union will only be viewed […]

Madonna’s Contract: Rule 347

One of the things that became most famous about Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was that she had a contract of rules that he must follow should he wish to stay happily married, within a confined and controlled manner, to her. Now it seems that she has passed on this contract of other-half rules to her […]

Outlook is Not Good for Madonna’s Appeal

I’m sure that when Madonna’s application to adopt Mercy James from Malawi was turned down, Madge thought that she would go through with an appeal and because she would throw more money at the problem and show them how persistent she really is, they’d give in no prob. That’s certainly what happened with Mercy’s grandmother, who was […]

Madonna Kicked by Horse, Given an Appeal Date & Back to Work

Things are never slow in the world of Madonna. She’s in the middle of trying to coerce judges abroad to give her a little girl, she fell off a horse and she has a trainer that just won’t quit! This is all the latest in Madge’s world and that’s not even mentioning who she’s sleeping with! The […]

Well We Knew it was Going to Happen, Didn’t We?

Of course being with Jesus Luz made Madonna look like a pathetic cougar who had absolutely no moral standards whatsoever. Not only because she’s old enough to be his mature mother but also because she was shacking up with him just months after her divorce. Not to mention that all of this was coming off the heels […]