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Jackson Looking to Adopt

I don’t doubt that Michael Jackson  is looking to adopt another child but what I don’t understand is why he would think that anybody would actually grant him the rights to another child. I understand that he was never actually charged with any kind of child abuse but he did settle out of court for […]

Is Mary-Kate Pregnant?

They may have once been cute but the Olsen twins these days are generally known for stirring up trouble. This time the attention is turned to Mary-Kate and she’s not in trouble…per se…but I suppose it’s all in how you view it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has recently received a ‘hot tip’ that she may finally […]

Lisa Marie Welcomes Twins!

Well ya gotta hand it to celebs that don’t use their pregnancy as their next publicity stunt, such as Lisa Marie Presley, who only announced at the beginning of August that she was expecting and just a short two months later, she has now given birth to beautiful, healthy twin girls! From Celebrity Baby Scoop, […]

Lisa Marie Presley Announces she’s almost Due

Lisa Marie Presley has confirmed the announcement that was made last week stating that she is in fact, pregnant. It was reported last week in US Magazine but recently the magazine has updated itself to bring to us the confirmation. From US, “Her mom Priscilla has confirmed it to Entertainment Tonight. “She wanted it really […]