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Nicole Richie’s Pregnancy Scare

It’s one of the most frightening things in the world for a woman when she is pregnant and thinks that something has gone wrong. So it was natural then that when Nicole Richie felt sharp pains shooting through her very pregnant belly, she feared for the worst and pleaded with her baby daddy, Joel, to save her […]

Idol’s Cook Going Through Heartbreak

American Idol has more news surrounding its contestants this year than ever before. There have already been talks of strippers and naked photos but this latest news is much sadder than any of those. The news concerns David Cook and his own health issues as well as those of his brother. David was hospitalized a […]

Nicole Shops as Her Dad Talks

Today is Joel Madden’s birthday and Nicole Richie is throwing him a bash as the Good Charlotte star turns 29. While she was busy finding just the right decorations and other party paraphanelia, her father, Lionel Richie was busy giving us all an idea of what Nicole is like as a mother to baby Harlow. From […]