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Lilo and Sam Seem to be Over for Good

Lindsay Lohan has been denying rumors that she and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, have broken up ever since they first came out as a couple. But this time, it’s going to be pretty hard to deny. Not only did Sam throw a blow-out bash this weekend where her sister was the guest of honor and huge celebrities […]

Lindsay’s Broke and not Making Friends

As usual, Lindsay Lohan is causing all kinds of drama for herself and for everyone around her and it all started with a recent interview that she gave with Nylon magazine. In the interview, she had verbal diarrhea and opened up about being scared about being unemployed, and about how she’ll take her ball and go home […]

Lindsay’s New Tradition

I guess Lindsay Lohan decided that she liked doing that nude Marilyn Monroe-inspired naked photo shoot last year so much that she is going to make it a yearly tradition. Bump Shack has run some photos of Lilo’s newest photo shoot, which she did for Hedi Slimane and they are much different than last year’s photos that […]

Together Again!

Squashing any rumors of a split, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson attended a salon party together last night. I have to say that Lindsay looks incredibly happy (if a bit too thin) and Sam looks as though she’s busy being playful and having fun with her best girl. But towards the end of the night, it’s reported that the […]

Lindsay’s in Trouble

As Lindsay and Sam start to spend less and less time together, people are starting to focus instead on Lindsay’s weight issues and wondering what it means for the young actress. It’s clear that something is going on with Lindsay – you can practically see her bones wanting to poke right through her skin in this picture. And it […]

Lindsay Finally Pays Sam Off

Who knows really what’s going on with Lindsay Lohan and the girl that she likes to kiss, Samantha Ronson. Rumors that these two have broken up started the day they announced that they were officially together and after a recent blowout on New Year’s, there was talk that these two really were in fact, over once and […]

Lindsay and Sam Have Probably Broken Up

Lindsay Lohan has become known not so much for her acting (if that’s what she has ever been known for) and has become more known for 3 things: shopping, blogging, and being photographed – and in the past year or so, being photographed with her lover, Samantha Ronson. And while she is still keeping the economy alive […]

More on Sam, Michael, and Lindsay

I really don’t know who isn’t sick to death just yet of the whole Samantha Ronson/Lindsay Lohan/Michael Lohan ordeal but I’m getting tired of all the media whores that are constantly cropping up on the scene and these are 3 people that just won’t quit. Lindsay recently blogged about just finding out that her daddy is also […]

Does Samantha Ronson have an Eating Disorder?

Lindsay Lohan took her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center this past weekend for what turned out to be ‘nothing serious.’ Sam later then blogged to her fans about how she was just exhausted from working too much but it had already been reported that part of the reason for her short stay may have been due […]

Finally! Sam gives Lindsay a Taste of her own medicine!

Ever since they have started dating, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson have had their fair share of rumors about breaking up and one of them eyeing another. Lindsay has been rumored to be trying to woo Michael Phelps and has also been seen on countless, countless occasions throwing herself at every man that walked her […]

Lindsay Caught Red-Handed!

The rumor mill has been overflowing lately with stories that Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, are mere moments from a terrible breakup. They have been seen publicly fighting and it was reported just a few days ago that the two were in therapy to try and get back on track. But Lilo may […]

There May be Trouble for Lindsay and Sam

Who knows if it was the fact that they kept their oh-so-obvious relationship a secret for months or if it was the fact thatthey seemed like such an unlikely pair, or that it was the ‘coming out’ for Lindsay, Lohan and Samantha Ronson were one of those couples that you just thought were destined to […]

More Carrie Romance Rumors chia seeds and high blood pressure

Since she began dating Tony Romo and their subsequent breakup, people have been very interested in Carrie Underwood’s love life. And since she’s one of chia seed benefits and of my favorite artists, I always have been too. The last rumor had her hooking up with Michael Phelps in what looked to have the are […]

Lilo and Sam’s Public Fight

Okay, so I don’t really care that Lindsay Lohan had a fight with her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. I don’t think they’re breaking up anytime soon or that it was a fight over anything that crucial. However, I do think it’s cute that these two do actually fight, as they are so often seen being all […]

Pink is Bisexual

And really, does this surprise anyone? While it does seem like it’s becoming the new trend in Hollywood to announce that you are gay, first with the not-so-surpring announcements made by the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Clay Aiken, this announcement by Pink is another that does not surprise me. And not that I think […]

The Lohans in the News Again!

I’m really getting sick of all of the Lohans being in the news whether it’s Michael talking about how screwed up his daughter is or Dina on her stupid realityTV show. I even really like Lindsay but even the news surrounding her has become boring and tired and I’m just sick of hearing about it. […]

Lilo May Adopt After All

Just weeks after Lindsay Lohan declared that she did not want to adopt but wanted to have a biological child, she is now saying that she does want to adopt after all…but it sounds as though she may still want to hear the pitter patter of a baby born from her belly first. From Celebrity […]

Lindsay Lohan is Gay!!

It has been well over a year now since the rumor mill has been going crazy snapping pictures of Lindsay Lohan with Samantha Ronson and posing the ‘is she or isn’t she?’ question about Lilo. The pair never officially came out of the closet and they described their relationship as a very good friendship. As […]

Phelps Sparks Cat Fight at VMAs

Okay so this maybe the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. First of all, I’m so over Michael Phelps and this celebrity status that he has achieved. I’m not denying the boy is good but the drama that already surrounds him is ridiculous. The first rumors to circultate were that he and Carrie Underwood were planning […]

So much for Soccer Mom best fruit infused water recipes

I think after Harlow Winter Madden was born and Nicole Richie seemed to come back to Planet Earth and act like a normal human being, we were all waiting for her to fall off the lemon lime mint water and the wagon and make some outrageous move that would prove we were all right – […]