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Samantha Ronson’s Confusing Quotes

God only knows why we’re still talking about Samantha Ronson. I thought we had kicked her to the curb when she did the same with Lindsay. But Samantha has recently given an interview with The Times magazine, because I guess they’re still interested in her. The interview is very confusing and shows just how dumb Sam Ronson really is. […]

Michael’s Not the Only Lohan Who Needs Some Attention

I’m so sick of hearing about the Lohan family. Honestly, I defended Lindsay for as long as I could, but even I turned my back on her when she became a crazy person banging down hotel room doors at all hours of the night. And that weird thing she did to her lips didn’t help […]

Michael Lohan Will Do Anything for Publicity

So we all know Michael Lohan is a douche, right? He’s a douche to his kid, Lindsay, he’s a douche to his ex-wife, Dina, and he’s a douche to just about everyone in his life. The only people, in fact, that Michael Lohan is not a douche to, are the media. He truly will do […]

Who Is Lindsay Dating?

It seems that every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and blog in the land needs to pair Lindsay Lohan with someone, anyone these days. The reports of who Lindsay is dating range from cute to just plain weird. And most of them, probably just plain untrue. Here are three of the most current rumors and we’ll see […]

Were Lindsay and Heath Dating when He Died?

I can’t believe that Michael Lohan would stoop so low. Okay, I can. No I can’t. I can’t believe that anyone would drag someone who has passed away into one of many family fights. By now we all know that Michael Lohan is being his usual douche bag self and selling any taped conversations that […]

Michael Lohan Should Take Lessons from Jamie Spears

I hate to lump Michael Lohan’s name in with Jamie Spears when it comes to celebrity dads but sadly, when people hear the word ‘conservatorship’, they automatically think of Britney Spears and the legal hold that her dad still has over her. Unfortunately for Michael Lohan, that was a case of a father actually seeing […]

Are Balty and Lilo Hooking Up?

Did Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson break up? I mean, I know they broke up. About 437 times. But, have they broken up again? Because, according to this article from Bump Shack, they have. And not only has Lindsay lost the major love in her life but, she’s alsofound a new one. Apparently. I don’t […]

Michael and Lindsay Both have Such a Way With Words

The Lohans are quite a bunch, aren’t they? Lindsay keeps publicly telling her dad, Michael to shut the hell up and Michael keeps publicly talking about, well, anything really. This time Michael has gone to the Maury Povich Show to talk about how his dear daughter has whittled herself down to almost nothing and Lindsay […]

Lilo and Sam Brawl It Out Again

Maybe lumping Samantha Ronson into this latest fight with her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan is a mistake. Especially seeing as how she probably didn’t even know it was going on at the time. Yep, Lilo has outdone herself once again. Not only did she throw plates, food, and trays at a hotel door while screaming at […]

Sam Has Gotten Lindsay Into Counseling

The newest rumor regarding the drama that is Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson has been taken to a new level. Apparently, Sam has convinced Lilo to go to counseling so she can try and get her head screwed on right. This comes after Lindsay showed up at Sam’s door in hysterics, wondering why Sam wasn’t […]

Lilo and Sam have another Throw-Down

It seems that their brief separation over the New Year’s holiday did nothing to tame down the fire between Lindsay Lohan and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. The two were apart for a couple of weeks, which seemed like for-EVER for the pair, who were used to being seen joined at the hip. People all over […]

Lindsay Breaks Into Sam’s House

How many times have stories been run like this? Lindsay Lohan is breaking into Samantha Ronson’s house. Or she’s standing outside of it screaming at her lover to take her back. Or she’s showing up at Sam’s hotel rooms in one of her fits of rage. Or she’s just being Lindsay Lohan, which pretty much […]

Lohan Creates More Drama in her Life

If there’s one person in this world who doesn’t need more drama in her life, you would think, or hope, that it would be Lindsay Lohan. But Lilo has been very busy the past week chasing Samantha Ronson all over the UK while pretending to be there for a photo shoot. Of course, this sent the rumor […]

Sam and Lilo are Back to Their Old Tricks

What is Happening in the World?

Ok so now we’re hearing pregnancy rumors about…Lindsay Lohan? Huh? How does that happen? Didn’t she just break up with her lesbian lover not all that long ago and has been seen sneaking in and out of Samantha Ronson’s house? Apparently, either all of those paparazzi shots of Lindsay sneaking around Sam’s place were either taken when Sam didn’t know […]

Looks Like the Reunion has Already Taken Place

It seemed that it was just weeks after Samantha Ronson broke up with Lindsay Lohan for what seemed like good when their behavior already started to suggest signs of a reunion. The two began talking publicly about how much they loved each other and it seemed to suggest that the entire thing wasn’t the locking out, hysterical […]

Please tell me this is not happening

Although I have to say that I did actually feel kind of sorry for both parties after the whole Lohan/Ronson split (well mostly Lindsay, actually), I was also quite relieved that it was all over. No more drama, at least for the short time being, and no more rumors about how they broke up, had a fight, […]

So now we’re checking in on….Sam?

Well that whole relationship between Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson really flipped everything on its head, didn’t it? It made Lindsay out to be some sort of confused bisexual that falls in love so hard that she forgets about everything, including eating and her career, and then painted her out to be some sort of psycho who couldn’t […]

Lindsay and Sam’s Drama-Rama flower company

I suppose we all knew that hearing that Lindsay and Sam broke up was not the flower shop delivery richmond hill and the last that we were going to hear about it. These two are one of flower delivery in richmond hill canada and of the rose delivery richmond hill and the most turbulent and passionate couples […]

Even Lindsay Knows It’s True

Lindsay Lohan has finally decided to step back into reality for a moment and realize that she and her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, have broken up. For good, it seems this time. She has come to this realization just recently, even though it was over the weekend that Sam changed the locks on her and banned her attendance from […]