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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt Want Us To Sit Through More Of Their Crap

Yes, sadly, it’s true. Heidi and Spencer want yet another time slot where they can show off their pathetic attempts to fool us into believing that they’re actually a couple. Except this time there won’t be any Lauren Conrad to make things interesting; it will just be an hour full of wedding planning drama. Mindless […]

Spencer Pratt Has A Mouthy Sister reishi mushroom liquid extract

Stephanie Pratt came out to Us Magazine about how she feels about Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag‘s imminent, yet off and on, wedding plans. I realize that it’s really none of reishi capsules benefits and of anyone’s business anyway you look at it, but isn’t publicly speculating about your brother’s relationship with someone kind of […]

Brody Jenner & Lauren Conrad; On Or Off?

Apparently, some people are waiting for a big bang between the two stars of The Hills, Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner, are in for a slight disappointment. Brody Jenner insiststhat there is nothing romantic going on between the two, despite popular opinions amongst fans. From People: “For Hills fans hoping for a finale love declaration […]

Lauren Conrad: Totally Obvious Quote of the Week..

“I’m a bad dater. I’m the most socially awkwardperson, like carrying on conversations and stuff. … I don’t want to date anyone right now anyway, so it doesn’t really matter.” Um..LC..maybe you are a ‘bad dater’ because the only guys you date are your friends ex-boyfriends…

Reality Bites @ The Dolce & Geisha Party

Lauren Conrad put on a brave face and dragged her BFF, Heidi to the Dolce & Geisha party where her ex-boytoy, Brody Jenner was also present. Unfortunately for Jenner, L.C. was not interested in rekindling their barely there relationship…I’m guess she took Hollywood Heartbreaker’s advice and moved on… Find out who after the cut:

LC & Brody: DUNZO Already!

Lauren Conrad and Brody Jenner are dunzo. The two were together for like 2 seconds, but have made it a point to officially announce they are no longer dating. Jenner attendedthe Thursday night launch party for the new furniture collection at Minotti in Los Angeles, where he revealed to a source, “We’re not together anymore.” […]

Brody Jenner & L.C: Dunzo already?

Nicole Breaks down at sight of Brody & LC

Laguna Lovers: DUNZO!

Laguna Beach stars Lauren “L.C.” Conrad and Jason Wahler have split up, PEOPLE has confirmed. “Its true. Lauren broke up with him last week,” Conrad’s rep, Nicole Perez, tells PEOPLE. Being single isn’t slowing Conrad down a bit: The 20-year-old, who now appears on The Hills, took a trip to Las Vegas last weekend with […]