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Larry King Shows that the Eighth Time Isn’t the Charm!

Oh dear. I think Larry King is trying to beat Susan Lucci’s character, Erica Kane on All My Children. He still has a ways to go yet though. While Erica has been married ten times on the daytime soap opera, Larry King has only been married eight. But with that marriage just officially ending, he’s […]

Ryan Seacrest Does Not Know How to Make Friends

It’s just been a week of awkward interviews! First Carrie Prejean had her threat of “I’m leaving your show!” on Larry King Live! last Wednesday (after which she did not in fact, walk out) and yesterday, Ryan Seacrest interviewed Robert Pattinson on his radio show and Pattinson had to walk out. Mind you, Robert was […]

Carrie Prejean is Officially an Idiot

Carrie Prejean really is a dumb blonde. First she blames the Miss USA pageant for not winning, stating that her stance against gay marriage was what caused her to lose the pageant. I personally, don’t agree with the remarks she made about it but I did give her kudos for standing up for what she […]

Oh, Snap! Chris Brown Takes on Oprah!

After Chris Brown beat the crap out of Rihanna, Oprah Winfrey stepped in. Oprah did a show shortly after the beating about domestic abuse and the horrors that it carries. She also mentioned Chris and Rihanna specifically, and gave Rihanna the message to get out because “he will hit you again.” Harsh words. But, very […]

Celebrities Celebrate Father’s Day

Because Father’s Day was this past weekend, it seemed only appropriate to check in our favorite celebrities to see how they celebrated the dads in their lives as we celebrated the ones in ours. Here’s what they were up to! One of Hollywood’s newest hot and heavy couple, and Lance Armstrong spent the day with […]