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Lance Bass Says Justin Timberlake Wanted To Play Gay…

…. And apparently, this just in, thousands of ex-N’Sync fans, now fat single mothers on welfare, are shocked and dismayed. Unfortunately, these are the only people to whom this is actually news to. I mean, all those young, hot guys, constantly together on a tour bus, running around, having pillow fights, and writing in their […]

Lance Bass: Gay, Hot, And Single Again!

Lance Bass, the sexy, ex-boyband hot commodity in the gay world, has booted his Brazilian model boyfriend, Pedro Andrade. Very sad for Pedro, but perhaps very happy for someone else. Manhattan is full of sexy singles, maybe Lance found his Mr. Right… at least for this month. After all, it was only a month ago […]

Lance & Reichen: NOT Broken Up!

Lance Bass & Boyfriend: SPLIT!