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The Real Reason for Drew/Justin Split?

Well now this is a story that is truly sad. Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses and so, when she split with Justin Long, it was sad to see her heart splattered all over the front pages once again. But what’s even sadder is that Drew may be finding her way back to […]

Dunst’s Partying Caused by Split

Fans were shocked last week when Kirsten Dunst checked into the Cirque Lodge Treatment Centre, a place where Hollywood types go to get control over their substance abuse issues. The soft-spoken and highly respected Spiderman actress just didn’t seem thetype to fall into that kind of trouble. But those in her close circles knew different. […]

Kirsten Dunst In Rehab

Along with half the other celebrities! Honestly, I know this is naughty of me, but would it not be absolute justice if all celebrities had to stay in rehab, and could only come out for filming? That’s certainly how it seems lately. You can’t turn your head for two seconds without some Hollywood flake entering […]

Kirsten Dunst Ready To Don The Director’s Cap

According to the latest news, ‘Spiderman’ star Kirsten Dunst is all set to make her directorial debut this summer. The 25-year-old Dunst will direct a ghost story she is writing herself says Glamour magazine, which is based on a letter sent in by a reader. Kirsten said: “I’m directing my first short this summer. It’s […]

Kirsten Dunst and Johnny Borrell having fun

Kirsten Dunst this kind of beauty can attract people like Johnny Borrell of the indie band Razorlight. The two met up on one of Razorlight’s concert in LA on Friday, they last saw them cuddling and kissing as they watched a gig at the South By South West Music Festival in Texas. Finally a cool […]