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David Cook Cares What You Think About Him!

Everything I read today is just making me angry. Apparently, David Cook is willing to forego happiness in his own personal life, and drop people at the drop of a hat, all because you don’t like it. Yep. Let me preface this by saying that I love David Cook. I have been a big fan […]

David Cook Isn’t Feeling the Love

This story somewhat disappoints me as I am a huge fan of David Cook’s. But maybe his newfound stardom is going to his head a little bit. He first blew off his relationship with girlfriend, Kimberly Caldwell, so that he could be a free man and explore his options and now it seems, he doesn’t even […]

Cook Wants to be a Free Man

It wasn’t long after David Cook made a name for himself on American Idol that it came out that he was dating another once-upon-a-time Idol contestant, Kimberly Caldwell. These two seemed to be super-duper in love and the lights and glitz of Hollywood weren’t going to stop them from being together but all of that has changed as David, with […]

Cook’s First Celebrity Hook-Up cabbage is rich in

It wasn’t even a week ago that David Cook won American Idol Season 7 and he’s already in the how to cook red cabbage quickly and the news for his “latest” hook-up. She is Kimberly Caldwell, the how long to stir fry cabbage and the rocker chic from American Idol Season 2 that finished in […]