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Pamela Anderson Is Servicing The Homeless

…With Thanksgiving dinner. Which is great and all, you know, since her life is in shambles, but it might be hard being in a crowd of people who look a lot like both Tommy Lee and Kid Rock. From Hollyscoop: “Let’s forget for a moment what a trainwreck Pamela Anderson has been lately and focus […]

Kid Rocks Wishes Pam Anderson Well…

…And I bet he’s completely sincere too. Pam Anderson actually did marry that ex-sex-tape, Paris Hilton reject, Rick Salomon. On the Late Show With David Letterman, Kid Rock was certainly very sweet about giving advice to Pam’s new hubby, saying that, “Why buy the cow if you’re getting the milk for free?” Kid Rock, is […]

Pam Anderson Is Really Getting Hitched?!

According to the local news in Las Vegas, the Porn Princess, Pam Anderson, and… the Porn Pauper, Rick Salomon, applied for a marriage license the other day. The reason I’m making this update, is because you know… Pam screws around; a lot. She could be saying she’s engaged to the man in the moon, but […]

Pamela Anderson & Old, Amateur Porn Star Are Engaged

Pamela Anderson is engaged… again. And this time, the man with dubious luck isn’t a bad-boy rocker, he’s a bad-boy poker player! According to Pam, she was playing poker in her hotel suite one evening with Rick Soloman, the very same Rick Soloman who achieved fame and notoriety after making an incredible sum off of […]

Uncle Kracker: Sex Criminal?

The former DJ for Kid Rock, Uncle Kracker has been accused of sexually assaulting a 26-year old woman in a nightclub, The Ess Lounge, in North Carolina. Uncle Kracker isn’t afraid to fight back, outraged that people think he would commit a sex crime… Eh, considering that he used to work with Kid Rock? I’ll […]

Pam Anderson & Kid Rock: DUNZO!