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Britney’s Already Proving Herself

Just yesterday I was writing about how thrilled I was that Britney Spears could become her own woman at the end of the year by getting out from under her father’s conservatorship. And if anyone has doubts that Brit is thinking clearly about what’s good for her and hersons, this newest move will lay all […]

Is Britney Single or Not?

Britney’s Ongoing Hell

I can’t imagine what it must be like to be Britney Spears. This is a girl who has been in the spotlight her entire life and having made money from that spotlight, has been surrounded by people that want something from her. Imagine what it must be like to separate those who only want to use you […]

Is Britney Jealous or Protective?

Britney Spears has been getting ready pumping up and perfecting dance moves for her new Circus tour, which is set to start in March. New pics have gone up on the official site and although there is huge buzz about how hot Brit looks, I must say, I like the last pics that they had up of her […]

Does Britney want another baby? With K-Fed?

There has been talk ever since Britney Spears started to lose her mind that getting back together with Kevin Federline would be the thing to save her. And the tabloids, newspapers and magazines, have always been asking the question, ‘Will these two get back together?’ I don’t know if people just want to see parents of young […]

It’s Britney, Bitches

Britney’s Kids Swear and it’s not her Fault!

Sneak Peeks from Brit’s Documentary

Britney Spears has a lot of things to say and she has created her own documentary, For the Record, to do just that. When it first came out that she was releasing the film, Britney said that she wanted to set a lot of things straight that had been said about her and she wanted […]

This is weird, right?

So after the son, Jayden James, of Britney Spears and Kevin Federline was admitted into the hospital after suffering from an allergic reaction, he was released shortly after and there was talk that his father, K-Fed, was going to be flying to Louisiana to be with his sons and ex-wife, Britney. It turns out though […]

Britney’s Son Visits Hospital on Trip Home

Britney Spears arrived in Louisiana on Friday with her dad, brother, and two sons. It was a big trip as it would be the entire Spears clan reunited, even with all the babies, including the newest, Maddie Briann. Britney was said to be especially excited as the trip home was the first for her with […]

K Fed and Britney Try to Work it Out

So I am not at all sure what to think about this story. Rumors started last week that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline were trying to patch things up and get back together now that Britney seems to be on the road to recovery and Kevin has played such an active role in her and […]

Does K-Fed want Britney Back?

Well ever since rumors of their divorce started, rumors of them getting back together have been floating around but with the recovery that Britney Spears has recently made seems to have had a huge impact on Kevin Federline and apparently, he is falling in love with pop star all over again and wants his family […]

Britney Scared About Autism

Britney Spears may soon be among the celebrities fighting the fight against autism as she now fears that her youngest son, Jadyen James, may be affected with the neurological disorder. Autism is a difficult disorder to diagnose because the disorder lies on such a broad spectrum and so while one person’s symptoms may be severe, […]

Britney Spears Gives Up Custody

Now this is a story that is truly sad to hear. Britney Spears has agreed to give her ex-husband, Kevin Federline, sole custody of their two boys – Sean Preston and Jayden James. This seems to be just temporary and that Britney should be back in a shared custody agreement with K-Fed by the end […]

Britney Goes Home and Her Dad Sells the House

Britney Spears has decided to go home and visit with her sister Jamie Lynn while she anticipates the arrival of her new baby, which is due at the end of the month. Meanwhile her dad, Jamie Spears is going to remain in L.A. for a little while as he tries to sell her house. While […]

Britney Will See Her Boys More

Adnan & Britney: Are They On Or Off? send flowers to toronto

Despite a lack of renting wedding flowers and of coverage on the flower.delivery toronto and the tragic and troubled couple, Kathy Griffin, known for her non-entertaining and ultimately boring show, “My Life On The D-List,” says that they are still an item. Kathy‘s been hanging around with Adnan for an episode of flowers toronto delivery […]

Spears and Federline Reunion

Britney Spears has been well on her way to recovery lately. She’s on medication for bipolar disorder, has regained visitation with her sons and seems to no longer be into doing things such as shaving her head or holding her children hostage. With all of these wonderful steps forward, it seems that Britney wants to […]

Biggest Reunions of the Week pineapple mango smoothie recipe

Stars in Tinseltown are always hooking up, breaking up, and getting back together it seems. It’s hard to know what’s rumour and what’s fact but there are some stories that just can’t be denied. Here are this week’s stories of mango pineapple smoothie and of stars that are making a love reconnection, as well as […]

Britney Gets To Visit Her Boys

Although a court hearing on Tuesday brought forth no changes in the Britney Spears and Kevin Federline custody suit, on Saturday changes were made so that Britney could have visitation rights again. For the first time since January 3, Britney had a three-hour visit with her sons. Sean Preston, who is 2, and Jayden James, […]