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Kelly Rutherford is a Whacko

Have I said this before? I think Kelly Rutherford is a whacko. She had this completely bitter divorce with her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch, and it couldn’t have helped that the divorce proceedings started when she was about two months pregnant with their second child. Their custody battle was even uglier with creepy details about Kelly’s […]

Kelly Rutherford Spawns Again

The star of Gossip Girls, and the woman who I believe is slightly mentally off, Kelly Rutherford, has spawned again. The woman who recently appeared in court with her soon-to-be ex-husband over breast-feeding issues and other nonsense, has just had a baby girl. Oh the joy of having another child to use as a weapon! […]

Would You Go to Court Over This?

I have to admit, when Kelly Rutherford first became pregnant and at the same time started divorce proceedings from her husband, Daniel Giersch, I had never heard of the Gossip Girls star. But the more I find out, the more I dislike this woman. At first she came out saying that she’s still breast-feeding her toddler son, which […]

Kelly Rutherford is Getting Divorced

Kelly Rutherford, who stars on Gossip Girls has been making news lately, first with her newly-announced pregnancy and now with the shocking news that she is divorcing her husband, Daniel Giersch. Who knows if this is an extra dose of pregnancy hormones or what as ‘irreconcilable differences’ always means ‘we just don’t like each other anymore’ to […]