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Is Katie Holmes Being Forced into Pregnancy?

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Katie Holmes pregnancy rumor, hasn’t it? And as far as rumors go, this one is fantastic – meaning that it’s completely wild, ridiculous, and as far as I can tell, probably couldn’t be further from the truth. According to Star magazine, Katie Holmes is being forced into […]

Cutie Watch: Suri Cruise

It’s been awhile since we checked out what Suri Cruiseis up to and guess what? The same old thing! Wearing high heels and being her own little fashionista down the streets of Manhattan, Milan, or whatever other spectacular city she and her parents happen to be in at the time. Well, she’s actually in whatever […]

The Latest Cruise News

I think Tom Cruise is trying to do some damage control with his rep as one of Hollywood’s weirdest simply because he hasn’t really been in the news all that much lately. But his wife, Katie Holmes, on the other hand, seems to be the new focus for the gossip columns. Whether people are critiquing […]

Oh, Please! Tom Cruise Councils Posh on her Marriage relaxing bath remedies

There are some weird families in Hollywood. And by weird, I mean wacko. So far out in left field that they ain’t even in the recipe for bath salts and the ballpark anymore. The whole Kutcher/Moore/Willis bunch are a few that top the reviews on rescue remedy and the list, and the how to have […]

Suri Cruise’s First Crush

She seems to be a tad young to me for a first crush but that may be why children who grow up too close to Hollywood get so screwed up. Well, that and the fact that she has Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes as parents so as far as being screwed up is concerned, I suppose that […]

Suri Turns 3!

Let me tell you, as an average working person who has a little girl around Suri’s age, it made me sick the ordeal that was thrown for this little girl last year when she turned 2. That grand affair included a wedding-style cake as well as flowers that cost into the thousand dollar range, individualized […]

You Know you Have tooMuch Money When…

In a slow news day, I went to go see what Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were up to. Expecting to find nothing except maybe a few sweet shots of Suri, I was surprised when headlines came up that the two were interested in buying the home of their soon-to-be departing friends, David and Victoria Beckham. Not so […]

What do you think of Katie’s new ‘do?

Katie Holmes has been busy traveling all over the world after her husband, Tom Cruise, as he does promotion for that Nazi movie that I think was taken out of theaters acouple of months ago. Seriously, I think the guy’s been promoting that film for about 6 years now. But one thing was different as the […]

Is Katie Holmes Just A Famous Mom?

I really like Katie Holmes and while I think it’s unfortunate that she’s married to Tom Cruise, who I’m not such a fan of, I don’t actually hold it against her. But ever since she’s become Mrs. Cruise and had little baby Suri, it seems that Katie has become more famous for being a mom and her friendship […]

The Cruises Mix Business with Pleasure

As Tom Cruise is in Brazil for the premiere of “Valkyrie”, the entire family decided to take the opportunity to catch some tropical rays and spend some time just relaxing and hanging out with each other. I have to say, in these pics, Tom is very reminiscent of that “Cocktail” boy that weall fell in love with […]

Katie Gets a Surprise and a Backbone

I may just be able to like Katie Holmes after all. After hearing about how her husband, Tommy Boy, was off promoting his new film on the day of her 30th birthday, I actually didn’t think poorly of him for it, as many people did. He’s an actor, he’s got a movie coming out next week, and […]

Is Katie as Strong as She Thinks?

Ihave a theory about Katie Holmes. I think that she probably once was a very strong young woman who had a very clear vision of what she wanted and how she was going to do that. Along with Michelle Williams, she was one of the more talented kids on the Creek and when she broke out onto […]

More on Sad Katie

I’d be sad too if was married to Tom Cruise and unless she’s with her daughter, Katie Holmes generally looks sort of forlorn and unhappy. And poor little Suri almost always looks equally unhappy. The newest rumor that Katie is becoming ‘exhausted’ by Tom’s schedule is only one in a slew that this married couple […]

Is Mary-Kate Pregnant?

They may have once been cute but the Olsen twins these days are generally known for stirring up trouble. This time the attention is turned to Mary-Kate and she’s not in trouble…per se…but I suppose it’s all in how you view it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has recently received a ‘hot tip’ that she may finally […]

Tom Makes More Weird Moves

Well Katie may have been able to kick the whole Cruise clan to the curb of her house but she definitely can’t stop them from getting heavily involved in her husband, Tom’s, career. Tom Cruise has once again turned to his sister, fellow Scientologist, to help manage his career. This isn’t the first time that […]

A Bizarre Love Triangle

Are Hollywood stars really so petty? Okay, I’m slapping myself for asking the question as soon as it fell out of my mouth. But really, this goes way back to Grade 6 behavior and I would have expected more from stars that are generally thought to be so proper and classy. Everyone knows that Victoria […]

Katie’s Protesters

So by now many have heard about the protestors that showed up on Katie Holmes’ opening night of her new Broadway show All My Sons. The protestors lined up outside the theater and held ridiculous signs and chanted ridiculous things, hoping to free Katie from the evils of Scientology. Apparently, only Katie though – they […]

Tell us Something we Don’t Know

Everyone has been more than skeptical ever since TomKat hooked up and once they were married with a family, forget about it! The two were so wrapped up in each other that nothing else mattered and while at first the passion seemed kind of sweet, it quickly became something warped and twisted. Katie was all […]

Activists want to Save Katie wedding decorations brampton

So I guess it’s not only fans and bloggers alike that are concerned about the wedding decor vaughan and the welfare of event decoration and of Katie Holmes. It’s no secret that she has been looking and acting more like a Broadway actress while she continually rehearses for All My Sons opening soon in New […]

Katie’s Got Some Moves of her Own

Just when everyone, myself included, had pegged Katie Holmes as backbone-less and someone who had been brainwashed by her husband, Tom Cruise, it seems that she may actually not be afraid to step up to the plate when it’s needed, after all. Or at least on some issues. While people were talking about Tom’s scientology […]