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Does Matt Bellamy Want to Marry Kate Hudson?

Kate Hudson has been dating Matt Bellamy for only a few months now, and already they’re talking marriage…or rather, one of them is. And, even though it’s Kate that often seems to fall head over heels quicker than you can say “smitten,” this time it’s Matt that’s buying diamond rings, meeting the parents, and talking about marriage. Or rather, […]

Has Kate Hudson Found her Muse?

Not being one to like staying single for too, too long, Kate Hudson has now sparked rumors that she may have a new man on her arm, and that new man is Matt Bellamy, from the music group, The Muse.  But the two are keeping things quiet for now, before they go public next month. And […]

Is Kate Hudson Pregnant?

Lots of people have been talking lately about the state of Kate Hudson’s boobs. Did she get a boob job? And if she did, why’d she get such small ones? I’m in agreement with Celebitchy, I think that if Kate did get a boob job, then she should be applauded for getting normal, orange-sized boobs […]

Kate Hooks Up with Madonna After Breaking up with A-Rod

It was earlier this week when it was announced that Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez had split up. Reports are still varying as to who split with who, whether or not the two are still on friendly terms, or if there is a chance of them getting back together. So far it seems that anything […]

Kate and A-Rod are Not Engaged, So They Say

I didn’t even knowthat Kate Hudson went wandering around sporting a diamond ring on her left hand until the reports that she was engaged were denied. Of course, whenever a female celeb walks around wearing a band around their left finger, people automatically assume that she’s been engaged. And for good reason. But the reports […]

Hudson Goes Public with A-Rod

It’s no secret that Kate Hudson has been trying tokeep her relationship with Alex Rodriguez a secret ever since they started dating a few months ago. But, this headline still confuses me. Apparently over this past weekend, Kate Hudson went to support her man at the annual New York Yankees picnic and they had a […]

What is Going on With Cameron Diaz?

Cameron Diaz has sort of been laying low lately. After her split from Justin Timberlake, it was big news that she started dating model, Paul Sculfor. The two dated for about six months when they split and last it was reported, Cameron was dating Adam Levine. But all of that happened back in May and […]

A Check-In on A-Rod and Kate

It’s been awhile since we checked in on Kate Hudson and her newest beau, Alex Rodriguez. But the two were seen enjoying some couple time together in Newport Beach, California this past weekend. Apparently, the two had a quiet dinner together before Alex went to play MLB the next day and Kate played mommy to […]

An Update on the Weirdest Love Triangle Ever

Didn’t This Happen Last Year?

Kate, Kate, Kate. It seems that Kate Hudson can never venture into new waters as far as men are concerned as she’s famous for recycling her lovers such as her infamous on-again/off-again fling with Owen Wilson. Well it seems that union, which was recently reported to have been rekindled in February, has once again fizzled out and Kate has […]

Lance Armstrong is a Pig

I have lost more and more respect for Lance Armstrong ever since his split from Sheryl Crow. Itwasn’t the actual split that bothered me but he just seemed to become a worse person once he left her. His attitude seemed to have changed and he seemed to be more interested in himself than anybody else. Then it […]

Kate and Owen: Reunited!

That sound you hear is me squealing in delight as one of my favorite Hollywood couples have found their way back to each other once again! Yep, forget Madonna’s sloppy A-Rod seconds and forget handsome golfer-boy Adam Scott. There’s really only one true love for Kate Hudson and that is of course, Owen Wilson. It was just announced that […]

Who is Kate Hudson Dating?

 Kate Hudson has been a very busy girl lately, promoting her new movie with Anne Hathaway, Bride Wars, as well as always talking about her life, her loves, and everything else that we want to know, to just about any magazine that will listen. She has been quoted as having talked about everything from ‘vowing’ to pose […]

Lance Armstrong to be a Dad Again

Lance Armstrong has been known to be a bit of a player recently, first being linked to Sheryl Crow and then hooking up with Kate Hudson this past summer. It seems as though that hot, hot, hot relationship may have fizzled because Lance had once again found someone new. Well, this one may be a bit harder to walk […]

Thank God it’s Over!

Well I guess Madonna’s name is still good for something because she has been granted a quick divorce from her very-soon-to-be-ex husband, Guy Ritchie. I think other than the fact that this very smart judge realized that the entire world wanted to stop hearing about these two, the divorce was granted so quickly because really, […]

Get Ready for a Cat Fight!

It seems as though both Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez want to test the wrath of Madonna. The two were both at the same huge event, the opening of the Fontainebleu Hotel in Miami and they, well at least Kate, was hoping to take things to a whole new level. From the sounds of it, […]

The Latest on Divorces and Divorcees

It seems that the world of hookups and breakups in Hollywood has been busy focusing on the breakup side of things. Just when people are starting to get over the Madonna/Guy Ritchie drama, all kinds of celebrities are coming out of the woodwork announcing separations and divorces. Others who have recently joined the list of […]

Hudson Rumors Abound!

Kate Hudson is on to new things it seems after her and boyfriend of three months, LanceArmstrong, broke up last weekend. Mainly what Kate has been up to is dodging rumors about the breakup and about the new man that may or may not be in her life as her new man – Eric Lindros. […]

Kate No Longer Taking the Tour de Lance

This has been the summer of hot romances and unexpected break-ups. First Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have a whirlwind romance that seems to be unbreakable and they suddenly break up and now Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have ended their intense summer romance for reasons that remain unknown. From the Daily Blabber, “The couple, […]

Celebrities Celebrate Father’s Day

Because Father’s Day was this past weekend, it seemed only appropriate to check in our favorite celebrities to see how they celebrated the dads in their lives as we celebrated the ones in ours. Here’s what they were up to! One of Hollywood’s newest hot and heavy couple, and Lance Armstrong spent the day with […]