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Kate Hudson will be single for awhile

And I for one, am glad to hear it. It’s no secret that Kate Hudson likes to have a nice piece of man-candy on her arm at all times and this year alone she has been linked to her former love, Owen Wilson, has sparked rumors that she was playing with fire with Alex Rodriguez and even […]

Kate Hudson Spends Birthday with Owen Wilson

Kate Hudson turned 29 this past Saturday and she spent her big day with Owen Wilson, adding fuel to the rumour’s fire that the two are back together. And they definitely look back together, with Kate jumping on Owen as he relaxes in the shade. Not the best picture ever provided tous by the paparrazi […]

Hudson and Wilson: Reunited!

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson sparked rumours that they were back together when Wilson was seen leaving Hudson’s home on February 23 and she was seen going to his home later that day. eFlux Media confirms the rumour with a source that said, “Yes, they’re back on again but they’re treading carefully. There are lots […]

Owen Wilson Tries To Kill Himself

Owen Wilson, who has always been the blonde babe, the happy slacker type of hunk, was discovered yesterday, having slit both of his wrists, and overdosed on pills. His friends and family members are all shocked, and so am I actually. Honestly, as sassy as I can be, I can only say, really that my […]

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson in public appearance

Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson had a rare appearance in Broadbeach on Australia’s Gold Coast. Kate and Owen visited the PacificFair cinema in order to attend a private screening of Matthew McConaughey’s (a close friend of Wilson) “We are Marshall”. It seems that the pair is happy though they were very anxious about their public […]