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Miley Cyrus: An Indecisive Pole Dancer

So all the news these days (or most of the news these days) regarding Miley Cyrus is that she danced around a stripper pole while singing “Party in the USA” at the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday. I didn’t report on it at the time because Miley being a tramp is just no longer news. […]

Miley is Crushing on Mayer

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Miley Cyrus is a single again and now has her sights set on THE biggest player in all of Hollywood – John Mayer. Not only does it make sense to me that Miley would try and chase down a 31-year-old man, but it also doesn’t surprise me that the […]

Miley and Justin are Dunzo

Miley Proves her Age

Recently Miley Cyrus was spotted out with her 8-year-old brother, Noah and her bodyguard and was doing some shopping when a saleswoman mistook her to be a middle-aged woman out with her son and husband. The saleswoman told Miley that she looked great for her age and wanted to sell her some anti-wrinkle cream. Bahahaha! You can, […]

Do You Know Who Miley Cyrus’ Boyfriend Is?

Well his name is Justin Gaston and if you did know his name, then he’s accomplished exactly what he wanted by dating Miley Cyrus – fame. It’s not hard to see that Justin is using Miley for the spotlight that seems to constantly follow her but Miley is just a stupid kid so I actually don’t blame her for being blinded […]