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Can you picture it…Britney Brand?

Well it didn’t take long after the VMAs last week for us to start talking about who was avoiding who, who came with who, and who got together with who while there. So the prime target for rumors this year was, as it is every other year, Britney Spears. This year she’s fueling fires that […]

Sparks Makes Stupid Remarks

I was quite angry when Jordin Sparks won the sixth season of American Idol. There’s just something about this girl that really bothers me. She has stupid facial expressions when she sings, she tries to act all cutesy in front of the camera and it turns my stomache and I really think that Simon Cowell […]

Idol’s Cook Going Through Heartbreak

American Idol has more news surrounding its contestants this year than ever before. There have already been talks of strippers and naked photos but this latest news is much sadder than any of those. The news concerns David Cook and his own health issues as well as those of his brother. David was hospitalized a […]