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Christina Talks about Max

Although it was really just a few short months ago that we were looking at her first baby pics, it seems like forever since Christina Aguilera has said anything about little Max. And usually, when she did, it was far too much information such as how she loved breastfeeding because her boobs were so big. […]

Happy Birthday Kingston!

I don’t think Gwen Stefani will ever give us a reason not to love her and this past Sunday, she gave us reason to love her even more. Her son, Kingston Rossdale turned two on Sunday and the family had a few close friends over that just happened to include Hollywood parents with their Hollywood […]

Is Christina Aguilera Pregnant?

Paris Hilton recently announced that Christina Aguilera is pregnant, to an entire nightclub. As much as we all love Paris, she has not been known for her ability to either keep her mouth shut, or remain sober. On the other hand, maybe she has the inside track, and the paparazzi has just been slacking lately […]