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Michael Lohan Will Do Anything for Publicity

So we all know Michael Lohan is a douche, right? He’s a douche to his kid, Lindsay, he’s a douche to his ex-wife, Dina, and he’s a douche to just about everyone in his life. The only people, in fact, that Michael Lohan is not a douche to, are the media. He truly will do […]

Just in Case You Wanted to Watch the Last Jon & Kate

Thank god! Jon & Kate: Plus Eight is finally over! Or, it will be in 6 1/2 hours. Tonight, the final episode of the show that makes a mockery of family life, likes to exploit children, and that should have died a very long time ago, finally, FINALLY airs! That means that unless you really […]

Even I Can Tell You This Rumor is NOT True!

Maybe it’s because it comes from the National Enquirer, or maybe it’s because this allegations are just so outrageous, but these latest Jon Gosselin rumors just seem a wee bit far-fetched. According to the Enquirer, Jon has taken his partying ways to a whole new level beyond those ridiculous t-shirts he is prone to wearing. […]

Is Kate Really Accusing Jon of Yelling at Her?

I have now reached the point where I no longer care what happens between Jon and Kate Gosselin. Let them sue each other, fight with each other, and accuse each other all they want. I am done caring and I think the world is starting to lean that way too. But every once in awhile, […]

For Those who Care about the Gosselins…

It seems the Gosselin family just isn’t going to die out of the media anytime soon. From the bank account situation, to Kate constantly breaking down into tears on television, and Jon doing just about anything, there’s always plenty to talk about if you are at all still interested in the Gosselin mess. If you […]

Jon Gosselin Ordered to Pay Back Most of the Money He Stole

Well it seems that all of the crying and trash-talking Kate Gosselin did over her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, at the beginning of the month seems to have paid off. Literally. We all know by now that Jon withdrew pretty much all the money from the couple’s joint account earlier this month. And if we hadn’t found […]

The Gosselin Divorce Gets Even Uglier

As soon as Kate became super  bitchy, and Jon started having affairs with younger women, we all knew that the Gosselin divorce was going to be very ugly and very public. Once Jon started cavorting with every woman he saw and started wearing silly high school t-shirts, we all knew it was only going to […]

Jon Gosselin Keeps Speaking, Keeps Making an Ass of Himself

I really don’t understand Jon Gosselin. Seeing as how I don’t think Jon Gosselin knows Jon Gosselin, that’s not a big surprise. But while he’s married to Kate, and surrounded in this “media circus” (his words), he couldn’t stop moaning and groaning about how awful life is being under the microscope. Then, he gets this […]

Did Jon and Hailey Break Up?

There’s a story floating around by In Touch Weekly that Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman have broken up. The two officially started dating weeks after Jon divorced his wife of 10 years, Kate Gosselin, though they were probably dating long before that. The two have seemed happy and in love for the past few months, […]

Jon Gosselin Speaks Out

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything about the Gosselin family. I got really tired of the “Kate shops at Target/Jon acts like a juvenile” headlines that appeared every day. Also, these people are not stars. They may have been quasi-stars at one point when their show was a big hit and they still appeared […]

More on the Gosselins

I was really hoping that after the announcement of their separation, that all the media blitz surrounding Jon and Kate Gosselin would die down. I didn’t expect it to stop completely but I was hoping that people would lose interest. I guess that’s difficult when you’re talking about two totally crazy people. The latest news […]

Oh No, Jon and Kate are Back

IsKate Still in Denial?

While her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, has been out trying to get with just about anything he sees, Kate Gosselin has been sticking close to home with her kids and has been seeming to have some sort of struggle with the new divorce. While Kate rarely talks to paparazzi, this is certainly a case of actions […]

Jon Moves On to Another Kate oakville send flowers

Jon Gosselin has become known as a ladies man and a total player in a relatively short amount of flowers delivery canada and of time. Just after the free flower delivery oakville and the news broke that he started dating Ganga Glassman, and that he was reportedly “engaged” to her, it seems he’s dumped her […]

An Update on Jon and Kate

For once I was going to write a story about the Gosselin family, but with a focus just on Kate. I was actually a little relieved, because I’m growing tired of writing about what a pig Jon is. And, I was a little bit happy that the story was about Kate possibly getting some of […]

The Most Ridiculous Jon Gosselin Rumor

I’m still shaking my head in wonderment that people still seem to be so interested in the Gosselin family. Interested enough, in fact, to make up outlandish stories about them. The newest story comes from InTouch and it claims that Jon Gosselin is engaged to his new girlfriend, Hailey Glassman. The big proposal supposedly came […]

An Update on Jonand Kate

I was really hoping that with the slow demise of their show, and many of their fans turning on them, that we would stop hearing about Jon and Kate Gosselin. But I guess with their show coming back from hiatus in just a few weeks, the two must be seen out and about and people […]

Jon Gosselin Wastes No Time

Jon Gosselin has certainly not wasted any time in hooking up with a new girl after his divorce proceedings from Kate Gosselin have already started. I’m sure that we all expected to see photos of Jon out with his 23-year-old elementary teacher girlfriend, Deanna Hummel. She did, after all, seem to be the main mistress […]

Jon and Kate Get Along for the Fourth

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce and it looks like it might be the best thing for the family. The ex-couple were both at their home in Wernersville, Pennsylvania on Saturday so that they could celebrate the Fourth of July as a family, with both of them, and their kids. It looks […]

Is Jon Gosselin Going to Have his own Book?