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Is Kate Hudson Pregnant?

Lots of people have been talking lately about the state of Kate Hudson’s boobs. Did she get a boob job? And if she did, why’d she get such small ones? I’m in agreement with Celebitchy, I think that if Kate did get a boob job, then she should be applauded for getting normal, orange-sized boobs […]

Oh No! Say a Taylor Swift and John Mayer Fling Isn’t So!

I heard that John Mayer and Taylor Swift had hung out together in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. When I first read about it I thought, “Oh no, Taylor, be smarter than that, girl!” Because when you hear about Mayer entering into the same state as a girl, you automatically assume that he’s trying […]

Taylor Swift is a Heartbreaker for Sure!

Taylor Swift is a girl that knows how to get around. But the best thing about her is that, a sweeter girl you will not find. It’s part of that sweetness I’m sure, that is what makes men swoon over her as she leaves broken hearts in her trail. First she was seen out with […]

Who Is Lindsay Dating?

It seems that every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and blog in the land needs to pair Lindsay Lohan with someone, anyone these days. The reports of who Lindsay is dating range from cute to just plain weird. And most of them, probably just plain untrue. Here are three of the most current rumors and we’ll see […]

Stars Can No Longer Seek the Security of Twitter

This post has nothing to do with heartbreak or hookups, but then again, it could have everything to do with the two. It’s now being reported that stars working for some major companies are being banned from using Twitter as an outlet. The worry? That these celebs that are Twitter-tastic will spill the beans on some […]

Jen and Bradley are Pretty Tricky

Bradley Cooper takes Jennifer Aniston out and the media makes a big stink about it. He then, a few nights later, takes Renee Zellweger out and the media makes an even bigger stink about it. Then nothing. Okay, I just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s happening in this absurd love triangle. I would […]

Miley is Crushing on Mayer

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Miley Cyrus is a single again and now has her sights set on THE biggest player in all of Hollywood – John Mayer. Not only does it make sense to me that Miley would try and chase down a 31-year-old man, but it also doesn’t surprise me that the […]

I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone

Poor, lonely, desperate Jennifer Aniston. If you were to believe everything you read, that’s about the gist of it and I’m so tired of hearing it. If anyone has actually ever listened to Jennifer Aniston speak about her love life, she seems to be pretty okay about it. She’s able to laugh about it and while […]

A Tweet from Moron Mayer

Is Jen Dating Again?

Even during her short time with that loathsome John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston seemed very cavalier about her love life. She took it for what it was, didn’t seem to sweat the small stuff too much, and had a great sense of humor about all of it. Just when we thought that maybe, just maybe, Jen […]

Katy Perry is an Enigma

Hmm…a real mystery this one. Katy Perry has always seemed to have portrayed a somewhat mysterious quality but I thought it was all pretty much for show. Did she really kiss a girl and like it? Does she really think she’s a swimmer from the 50s, as most of her outfits would suggest? Yet she keeps […]

Is John Still Pining for Jen?

One of the many, many women that John Mayer has been filling his time with since his split from Jennifer Aniston has come forward and revealed that John has been spending his lonesome nights playing his guitar while looking sadly out his window and singing sweet, sweet love songs about Jen. All of this comes from Scheana Marie Jancan, […]

Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating? yarrow milfoil

https://holistickenko.com/herbs-bruce-trail-ontario/ yarrow milfoil The world just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask who Jennifer Aniston was dating at least on a weekly basis. She has been busy working on her new movie, The Baster, on which some people on the chammomile and the set have reportedly called her ‘cold’ and ‘short’ but perhaps to blast […]

Ugh! He’s Just so Juvenile! (and gay)

John Mayer really makes me want to throw up. First he plays the part of Jennifer Aniston’s boyfriend so he can squeeze out what little fame he can and then when they break up – the first time! – he goes right to reporters to talk about how it wasn’t Jen’s fault and how she’s such a […]

One More Reason to Hate Mayer

It was just reported not even a week ago that Jennifer Aniston broke up with John Mayer over his constant Twittering and playing with his status updates. This, while never confirmed by any camp, was very easy to believe, since Mayer’s Twitter updates made headlines on an hourly basis (god only knows why, they were always so stupid.) […]

John and Jen are Off-Again

Just weeks after they made their highly public and highly anticipated appearance together at the Academy Awards, John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have called it quits for the second and hopefully, final time. These two must have some pretty damn good chemistry between them that the rest of us can’t see because I never understood why these […]

Jen’s Jealous Rage

We were all expecting a catfight between Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie at the Oscars on Sunday. Maybe Jen slapping Angie across the face while calling her a home-wrecking slut or maybe Angelina grabbing Brad’s behind and winking at Jen just as they passed on the red carpet. All of that would have been good but what we got was actually two […]

A Threesome of the Worst Kind

Last night at the Oscar’s there were many big nameswaltzing down the red carpet but few were more anticipated perhaps than the encounter between Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Jennifer Aniston. I’d add John Mayer in there but I’m not sure he was born yet in 2005 when the whole Aniston/Pitt marriage exploded all to hell. We didn’t […]

John & Jen Love it up in the Bahamas

John Just Can’t Help Himself!

When John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston got back together in October, one of the things that was reportedly on Jen’s list for changes that needed to be made was that John needed to keep his trap shut about their relationship. Well, just a short few months seems to have been just about enough for John, who has always […]