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Even More Book Exploitation

We so often hear of parents of young celebrities that spill all the family secrets through an autobiography that they hope will make them millions but sometimes, it’s the youngsters that are looking at their parent stars and wondering how to make more off them than just their allowance. Such is the case with Sean […]

Lohan’s Dad is Unhappy

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is upset and it’s not because she has that little substance abuse problem. His displeasure comes from the type of movie roles that she is choosing. Lohan is currently playing the role of Nancy Pitman in the movie Manson Girls. The movie is about Charles Manson and his slew of violent and […]

Mr. McCartney’s Lyrics Strike Again

Paul McCartney has always written songs that seem to strike right at the heart. When with The Beatles, he wrote Hey Jude for Julian, the son of John Lennon, to comfort him while going through his parent’s divorce and just about any other song ever written by the singer just seems to have a way […]