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Didn’t This Happen a Long Time Ago?

For those of you who loved Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman together and were devastated about their breakup, you may be happy to hear that they got back together. But then they broke up – again. I hadn’t even heard that these two had gotten back together but apparently, it happened a few months after their breakup […]

The After Shocks of Kimmel and Silverman Split

In very surprising news early last week, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he and his long-term girlfried of five years, Sarah Silverman, had a mutual breakup and have decided that it would be better to find their own paths. It was not only surprising but a little bit sad because these two just seemed so perfect […]

Jimmy Kimmel Is Going To Get A Rosie O’Donnel Lap Dance? infuser water bottle recipes

There are some days when I am sooo happy I don’t actually own a television; even though, as an American, I’m surrounded by them. However, that still means that my chances of how to make fruit water drinks and of seeing Rosie O’Donnel give Jimmy Kimmel a lap dance. It’s not that I have anything […]