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The Latest on Madonna and Jesus

I was just thinking that it’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything about Madonna and whoever her current love interest is. And to be honest, I was sort of happy about it. But, just when I was thinking that we were all getting a reprieve from all things Madonna, she’s popped back up in the […]

Jesus Luz is Madonna’s New Protege

Back off, Britney Spears, Madonna has a new protege in the making and it’s none other than her former lover, Jesus Luz. Reportedly, Madonna dumped the much-younger man just a short while ago but that doesn’t mean that she’s lost interest in making him a star. I guess the modeling career that she had laid […]

Jesus Jealous of Guy

Ya know what one of the problems is with dating a 20-something guy when you’re 50-something? It’s that you’ve experienced a lot in life and he hasn’t. Another big problem is that he won’t understand why your past experiences are still following you around and will be for the remainder of your life. In Madonna’s […]

Madonna Allows Jesus to Speak

Well as soon as the father of Jesus Luz, alleged lover boy of Madonna, came out and told the tabloids that he was pretty sure there was going to be a ceremony of some sort between his son and the Queen of Pop, you can bet that Madge whipped up a script, handed it to Jesus and told him […]

Madonna and Jesus Luz to be Committed

To each other, of course. But this whole relationship has me so sick that I would really like to see both of them committed. But really the two are set to ‘get married’ in a Kabbalah ceremony that will unite the two in some sort of commitment. I think the union will only be viewed […]

Madonna’s Contract: Rule 347

One of the things that became most famous about Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was that she had a contract of rules that he must follow should he wish to stay happily married, within a confined and controlled manner, to her. Now it seems that she has passed on this contract of other-half rules to her […]

Well We Knew it was Going to Happen, Didn’t We?

Of course being with Jesus Luz made Madonna look like a pathetic cougar who had absolutely no moral standards whatsoever. Not only because she’s old enough to be his mature mother but also because she was shacking up with him just months after her divorce. Not to mention that all of this was coming off the heels […]

Madonna’s Problems in Love and Adoption

It’s not easy being Madonna. First Guy Ritchie doesn’t let you bat him around with that fly swatter and then you realize that the 22-year-old that you’re dating just isn’t as mature as you thought he was. Huh. Yes, Madonna has broken it off with the man who could be her son, Jesus Luz because she wouldn’t meet him […]

Madonna Brainwashes Another

It seems as though Madonna has made the decision to completely wash another person’s brain from anything it’s ever known and fill it with nonsense about Kabbalah water and about how she’s the Queen of the Earth. This time, the wide-eyed and unsuspecting victim is her new young hottie, Jesus Luz who she started seeing immediately after […]

Madonna and Jesus Luz Step Out

Hanging out at her second home, the Kabbalah Center, last night Madonna was seen all dressed up for the Jewish holiday of Purim and she brought none other than her new boy toy, Jesus Luz. I’m not sure what dressing up like a school girl, or the Joker for that matter, has to do with celebrating a […]

Madonna dating someone who’s new, young, and a porn star?