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Cutie Watch: Jessica, Cash, and Honor

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took advantage of the beautiful spring weather by taking their little girl Honor to the park for some good ol’ family time. Isn’t Honor so cute? I’d much rather see a little girl wearing a sundress and kicking a ball around than wearingkitty heels and carrying an $850 purse a […]

Who Is Lindsay Dating?

It seems that every newspaper, magazine, tabloid, and blog in the land needs to pair Lindsay Lohan with someone, anyone these days. The reports of who Lindsay is dating range from cute to just plain weird. And most of them, probably just plain untrue. Here are three of the most current rumors and we’ll see […]

Jessica and Honor Out for a Bite

Over this past weekend, Jessica Alba and her daughter, Honor Marie, were seen out and about, stopping for a bite to eat at the Newsroom Cafe. I always think that Alba looks like she takes life a little too seriously and this picture is no different. Could she look any angrier as she’s out for […]

Jess and Cash Celebrate Dad’s Day

There were many stars out and about this weekend enjoying some special Dad-time and Jessica Alba and Cash Warren were no different. Jessica Alba was no doubt also celebrating thefact that neither Oklahoma City or the United Way are pressing charges after she put up some shark posters. Last week Alba plastered a United Way […]

Alba’s Whine Follows Her Wherever She Goes

I am so freakin sick and tired of Jessica Alba’s whine. She whined that the media was in her face all the time during her pregnancy, rumored to be because she didn’t want’fat’ pictures taken of her and after Honor was born, she was seen toting that little one all over town. Only of course, once […]

Jessica & Cash Celebrate Their Love turmeric face before after

There’s something that I sort of cocoa benefits and of like about Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. I don’t get overly joyed about either of clay mask brands and of them but they’re a quieter sort of turmeric capsules benefits skin and of Hollywood couple, who seem to know who they are individually and who they are […]

Is Mary-Kate Pregnant?

They may have once been cute but the Olsen twins these days are generally known for stirring up trouble. This time the attention is turned to Mary-Kate and she’s not in trouble…per se…but I suppose it’s all in how you view it. Celebrity Dirty Laundry has recently received a ‘hot tip’ that she may finally […]

The Weight Update

It seems that the latest trend to follow first celebrity baby pictures is keeping close tabs on the new mommies and how they are handling their baby weight. Some lose it so fast, you wonder if they were really ever pregnant and others seem to be struggling months after they’ve had their little ones. And […]

Honoring Honor

OK has come out with the pictures of Honor Marie Warren, who of course was born early last month to parents Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. There is nothing to say that she is absolutely gorgeous but when your parents look like that, you have genes working for you. I love looking at the celebrity […]

After the Birth

Hollywood is now so deep into the baby boom industry that it’s hard to keep up with who is doing what and how with their little ones. While it’s safe to say that everybody is happy and healthy, we of course, are always looking for more than that. Here are a few of the new […]

Jessica Alba Finally Had her Baby!!!

After it seems more than a nine-month pregnancy, Jessica Alba has finally had her baby with Cash Warren. Is it just me or did it seem like she was pregnant FOREVER?!? She told Ryan Seacrest on the Red Carpet at the Oscar’s that she was in her third trimester, which kept us all on the […]

Jessica Alba Marries Cash Warren

It seems as though Jessica Alba has been pregnant FOREVAH! She chose to go a different route than that of Ashlee Simpson in regards to marrying before baby. Instead of marrying soon before showing a baby bump, it seems that Alba has put off getting married until she’s about ready to pop! From Celebrity Baby […]

Headlines No One Cares About

Yes, it’s true. Even in the soap opera world of Hollywood, sometimes the media and bloggers just don’t have much to report on. Either that, or the stars in the news are those that no one cares about in general. This week the web waves were filled with news that just goes to show that […]

Jessica Alba Just Loves Being Pregnant!

And why shouldn’t she? After all, pregnancy is what’s saving her relationship with Cash Warren. If I were Cash, I’d definitely be driving Jessica‘s big pregnant ass up to the clinic to get a paternity test. Hopefully not on the same day the Spears‘ made the appointment, or else he could be in line behind […]

Jessica Alba: Knocked Up!

What a way to salvage a perfectly ruined relationship. Jessica Alba is confirming her pregnancy, and way to go Cele|bitchy for being one of the first to suspect a baby bump underneath that dress. Supposedly, Cash Warren is the father, but if I were him, I’d be getting a blood test. That poor man; Jessica […]

Is Jessica Alba Pregnant?

Jessica Alba & Cash Warren: DUNZO! …Again…

Well, first Jessica Alba broke up with her long-time boyfriend, Cash Warren, over the phone; which made her look way harsh, of course. Then, poor Cash hadto read various tabloids, including ours, that his little ex-princess might have herpes. Then Jessica and Cash decided to reconcile, just a few weeks ago. And now, that unknown […]

Jessica Alba Wants Her Man Back; Can Cash Risk Possible Cold Sores?

Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are apparently kick-starting the flooded engine that was their romance. Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you… I thought that car was dead. Supposedly Jessica Alba, formerly rumoured to have a gift that keeps on giving, (I’m still watching for cold sores, personally) dumped Cash because he was unable […]

Jessica Alba Has Herpes! Ew! flowers hamilton delivery

We all thought Jessica Alba was one hell of flower delivery in hamilton and of a hotty. Turns out, she’s actually quite a… well, “notty.” The latest bit of florist hamilton and of gossip about Jessica Alba is that she has Herpes, and that she got it from Derek Jeter of send flowers hamilton and […]

50 Cent Dumps Girlfriend For Jessica Alba