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Unfortunately, JT and JB are Still Together

Remember when there were massive rumors going around that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel had split up? And remember when shortly after, no one could get a photo of the two together to save their life? And then do you remember when we all jumped and down clapping our hands in glee? Well, remain in […]

Are Justin and Jessica Headed for Splitsville?

I’ve never been interested at all in the relationship starring Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel. They’re just so utterly boring as a couple and I’m not a big fan of either one of them as individuals. But now it seems that these two might get a bit more interesting, mostly due to the fact that […]

Jessica Biel Talks about Love and Beauty

I really don’t like Jessica Biel but at least nowshe has given us something semi-interesting to talk about. She has recently opened up to Parade about costarring with her live-in boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, which isn’t so interesting seeing as how that would probably be a pretty boring movie with a pretty boring cast but she’s also recently talked […]

JT & JB Haven’t Broken Up Yet good restaurants in williamsburg brooklyn

I’m not really too sure why but it will bring me much sick and twisted pleasure when Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel break up. Maybe it’s because they’re so sticky sweet and gushy all the what is meadowsweet used for and the time about each other that it makes me want to vomit or maybe it’s just […]

Celebrities Looking at Real Estate

There’s no question that the tough economic times we’re all facing hasn’t even fazed the stars as a few have been seen apartment or house hunting just recently. God only knows where Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt live – France, New Orleans, Timbuktu – they’ve called so many places their home but recently, Jolie was spotted out […]

JT & JB: Another Stupid Couple

Bells for Beverly and Talk for Timberlake

Beverly Mitchell, star of 7th Heaven, and her fiance, Michael Cameron tied the knot in Italy last week. Unlike many celebrities, these two have been engaged since 2005, which is a very long time for any engagement, let alone one in the crazy world of Hollywood. And also unlike other celebrity couples, these two had […]

Finally Some JT and Jessica Rumors!

Okay so just when I started to accuse them of being boring, it seems that Jessica Biel may be pregnant with Justin’s kid! This actually probably isn’t true as they have been spotted out quite a bit lately and she usually looks as thin as ever but according to Celebitchy, TMZ just got some video […]

Britney and Justin: Reunited!

It’s true, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will hook up once again to sing a duet on Britney’s album that is due out later this year. I think this is absolutely fabulous! Is it just me or has there seemed to be something wrong with the world ever since Britney was no longer a virgin […]

What is up with Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake?

Possibly the most boring couple on the planet, Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake have had hundreds of pictures taken of them lately…doing nothing particularly interesting. I just don’t know what’s up with this. There was one story a couple of weeks ago, I think in that one, they were photographed having coffee together. Woo. They […]

Just For Fun…

What is P Diddy looking at? Goodness. In all fairness though, Jessica Biel does have some tig ol’ bitties.

Jessica Alba Has Herpes! Ew! flowers hamilton delivery

We all thought Jessica Alba was one hell of flower delivery in hamilton and of a hotty. Turns out, she’s actually quite a… well, “notty.” The latest bit of florist hamilton and of gossip about Jessica Alba is that she has Herpes, and that she got it from Derek Jeter of send flowers hamilton and […]

Jessica Biel Is Cheating On Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel met up with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Evans, at a friend’s wedding, and hung out with him all night. People that were there say they were holding hands, kissing, and snuggling up to one another. She currently dating Justin Timberlake, who was off touring Europe at the time. Uh oh, Jessica‘s in trouble! While […]

Is Justin Timberlake Ready To ‘Hook-Up’ with Jessica Biel?

So how long has it been since Justin Timberlake split with his girlfriend of four-years, Cameron Diaz? Four months did you say? Well, seems like its pretty long for our ‘Sexy Back’ singer. Because Timberlake is ready to go steady with none other than hot bod babe, Jessica Biel. Touted to have the best body […]

Jessica Biel & Zach Braff: Hot New Couple?

7th Heaven star, Jessica Biel and Scrubs star, Zach Braff were photographed walking their dogs at Griffin Park in Los Angeles yesterday. Braff hasn’t been romantically linked to anyone since his June break-up with Mandy Moore. Perhaps he’s ready to get back into the dating scene… P.S. My original title was “Jessica Biel & Zach […]