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Jenny McCarthy Moves On From Jim Carrey

It was just over a month ago when Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey broke up after being together for five years. And Jenny’s certainly not sitting and crying over the breakup either. Last night she was spotted coming out of a Japanese restaurant, hand in hand with an unidentified male, and looking quite pleased about […]

Jim and Jenny: Splitsville!

Well now, if they can’t make it, who can? Yesterday, Jim Carrey was the first to break the news that he and longtime girlfriend of 5 years, Jenny McCarthy had broken up. Jim told the world the news over his Twitter account on April 6, and within minutes, Jenny also confirmed the news. I am […]

McCarthy Cures her Son

Long before she appeared on The View and claimed that she was going to use her “big, loud mouth that God gave her to tell the world about autism,” Jenny McCarthy was doing a lot of research and good for the cause as she had a special connection to it – her son was autistic. […]

Britney Scared About Autism

Britney Spears may soon be among the celebrities fighting the fight against autism as she now fears that her youngest son, Jadyen James, may be affected with the neurological disorder. Autism is a difficult disorder to diagnose because the disorder lies on such a broad spectrum and so while one person’s symptoms may be severe, […]

Suri Gets Married? vitamin d3 functions

Okay well not really since Suri Cruise is only two years old but you would think that was the vitamin d def symptoms and the case from looking at the vitam d3 and the celebration that took place. Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise spent a whopping $100,000 on the vitamin d dosing and the little […]

Jenny McCarthy Knows How To Avoid A Costly Divorce

And don’t we all, deep down? Jenny McCarthy says she prefers not to be married to her long-time flame, Jim Carrey. The two have been going for a while; Jenny has been divorced before, and Jim has been divorced twice already. My guess is, neither of them want to go through losing all their stuff […]