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Jennifer Love’s Got a New Love

It seems that Jennifer Love Hewitt flits from guy to guy, and we all stand back and watch, knowing this too, shall not end well. Maybe it’s something about the name Jennifer in Hollywood (I’m lookin at you, Aniston). They always seem to get a bad rep and be portrayed as pathetic, love-seeking puppies when really, they’re […]

Scandal in Jennifer Love’s Life?

I adore Jennifer Love Hewitt. She won me over when she played Sarah on Party of Five, and I’ve been a big fan ever since. So as she moves from boyfriend to boyfriend, going full throttle to complete breakdown, I have to say, it sort of saddens me that she just can’t seem to find […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy: Splitsville!

Aw, and they were such a cute couple too! Jennifer Love Hewitt got together with her Ghost Whisperer costar, Jamie Kennedy, shortly after her split from Ross McCall at the end of 2008. The entire year that Jennifer and Jamie were together, the rumor mill was always coming up with new stories about how the […]

Are Jennifer and Jamie Getting Married?

Jennifer and Jamie Have Not Split Up!

Apparently there are rumors out there that state that Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy have split up. It wouldn’t surprise me if they had. Jamie may as well walk around with a “Rebound!” sign around his neck. I’m not saying anything against either one of them because I do really like them both, especially […]

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Pregnant?

Known for both her role in Ghost Whisperer and her fluctuating weight issues, Jennifer Love Hewitt has made headlines most recently with her split from Ross McCall and a quick hookup with Jamie Kennedy that at first screamed, “REBOUND!” but now may really be proving to be something more…but most likely, not. While Jennifer and Jamie may be very happy […]

It’s True! Jennifer’s Love is with Jamie!

When Jamie Kennedy made his radio announcement that he was knockin boots with Jennifer Love Hewitt, I thought he was being funny and teasing the media about the crazy rumors that are constantly made up. Normally, I wouldn’t think so but Hewitt just broke it off with her fiance Ross McCall over the Christmas holidays and while it’s […]

Is this for Real?

Jennifer Love Hewitt is reportedly dating her co-star, Jamie Kennedy. Normally, I would automatically disqualify this as rumor mill BS but the fact that it comes right from the horse’s mouth has me wondering. Jamie was on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show recently and made the big announcement. The really big shocking part? Not only that the two are dating […]

No One Really Knows Why Love & McCall Broke Up

US came out today with the real reasons why Jennifer Love Hewitt and Ross McCall called off their engagement late last year but I think from what’s reported, it’s clear that still no one knows what’s going on. His camp is making claims that she was insecure and needy while her camp claims that he couldn’t handle his […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Starts New Year Loveless flowers shop

flowers shop

Jennifer Hewitt’s Missed Love

Everything has seemed all fine and dandy in the world of Jennifer Love Hewitt as she has shot her ProActive commercials and planned her wedding to fiance Ross McCall. However, it seems that the wedding date has been pushed back a bit due to some problems that the betrothed couple are having. They haven’t even […]

Ryan Phillippe Denies Ever Being A Manwhore

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon supposedly made the mutual decision to divorce, according to Ryan. I have an idea that Ryan might have wanted a divorce so he could feel free to pursue more celebrity booty, and Reese wanted a divorce because she was sick of him cheating on her. But he says that’s not […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt Gets An Early V-Day Surprise!

Awww. Why can’t all the men go out and buy us early Valentine’s Day presents? Seems sooo unfair that Jennifer Love Hewitt should get an enormous white, and ever so cute teddy bear, while the rest of us sit and home and bake 9,000 cupcakes for our kids to take to school. From I’m Not […]

Hilary Duff Isn’t Ready For Marriage

Hilary Duff told Cosmopolitan magazine is a recent interview that she just isn’t ready for marriage. Of course, the rest of us star-savvy are wondering whether or not that might have anything to do with her ex, Joel Madden preparing for his baby with Nicole Richie. I would be a little bitter too. From People: […]