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J. Lo the Mother of Push Presents

Push presents are becoming all the rage these days as fathers give the mother of their children presents for pushing the baby out. There are no set standards for these presents but let’s hope that the standard doesn’t become the same as those that Marc Anthony gave Jennifer Lopez for giving birth to their twins, […]

Start with Star Treatment Thinks J.Lo

And would we expect anything else really? Having a diva as a mom and a superstar singer in his own right for a dad, I’m sure everyone expected it. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony went all out before their twins were even here. Reserving hospital rooms, and having the hospital staff perform test security runs […]

Jennifer Lopez’s Twins Are Born

Jennifer Lopez, who announced at the end of a November concert, “Marc and I are expecting a baby!” according to People, should have mentioned that there were actually babies – plural. But no one found that out until this month when her father spilled the beans on a Spanish television program. Jennifer Lopez and Marc […]

What Babies Go For These Days

The price has been upped to six million. Well okay, not the actual baby, but the first picture of them anyway. And that’s only if you’re a celebrity as big as Jennifer Lopez. She has awarded the first darling pic to People Magazine, who will split the picture rights as well as the handsome sum […]

Lopez’s Manager Hates Her Hubby

  Irving Azoff, Jennifer Lopez’s manager, is reported to have quit on the singer because he had problems with Lopez’s husband, Marc Anthony. Celebedge reports, “They had a heated phone conversation last week and he sent her a letter of resignation, telling her in blunt terms that she was unprofessional and he was not happy […]

Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez: Celebrating The New Baby(ies?)!

Jennifer Lopez is finally experiencing what it’s like to weigh as much as a chicken shed, while Marc Anthony looks even paler than usual lately. Ah, the joy of impending parenthood. Jennifer is due in just a few weeks, and they’re celebrating the new arrival with a baby shower. Naturally, I’m sure the party will […]

Mariah Carey & Jennifer Lopez: Cat Fight Fever?

Apparently, those damn bloggers are at it again! Rubbing Mariah Carey and J-Lo‘s good names in the dirt by saying that neither can stand each other, even including ‘false’ quotes from Mariah about how loathsome she is to share a stage with J-Lo. From People: “Mariah Carey is fighting back against a new Internet report […]

J-Lo Comes Clean

Jennifer Lopez has finally decided that she wants to tell people she’s pregnant. Whoop-ti-do. Most of the known world knew this before she did. Terribly nosy society today, aren’t we? Her and Marc Anthony broke the news over J-Lo‘s enormous baby belly, and everyone cheered and acted surprised, of course. From People: “It’s perhaps America’s […]

J-Lo Knocked Up!

Well, finally. It looked like J-Lo might have been pregnant, there was some speculation, but no one has really seriously come out and accused her… you know, because then we honest, and truth-oriented bloggers could get sued. Ahem. But yes, it’s true, J-Lo is pregnant! At least, that’s what TMZ says: “Sources have confirmed to […]

Kim Porter Is “Hip Hop Girlfriend Barbie”

Supposedly there have been rumours about P Diddy being abusive, physically to his girlfriends. Kim Porter was rumoured to have left P Diddy because he was physically abusive as well. But look, isn’t she sweet? Kim has come right up front about the whole thing, to state that P Diddy never abused her. From Contact […]

Jennifer Lopez: Now available for Private Parties?

JLo, whose career has been going slow off late, it seems, is going back to work to pay off her hubby, Marc Anthony’s tax bills. She is going to bring home a whopping $2mil for just one night’s work. The tab is reportedly, $1.2million in fees plus $800,000 for JLo and her support staff, for […]

Jennifer Lopez fullfills her spanish dream justinbiebermusic

Jennifer Lopez has some great news and seems totally satisfied as a dream comes true. J Lo always wanted to sing a Spanish song, and her new album gives her this opportunity. The new album will be released in March 27 (USA) and it is produced by her husband, Mark Antony. Her “Spanish” dream continues […]

Can someone remind Marc Anthony…

…that besides Kevin Federline..he’s one of the ugliest luckiest men in Hollywood. Photos: Teddy & Moo