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Different role for Jennifer Aniston, as fiancée! how to cure allergies naturally

According to , Jennifer accepted her boyfriend Justin Theroux’s marriage proposal last Friday. Considering Justin proposed on his birthday, Jen’s acceptance was probably the best allergy medicine for watery eyes and the best gift he could imagine. Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 41, starred together in Wanderlust in 2011. They were first seen together in May 2011 and […]

Proof that the Pitt/Aniston Nonsense will Never Die

I really thought that all the ridiculous rumors about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had all died out by now but apparently, I have been proven wrong once again. I glanced at a headline the other day where Brad Pitt was allegedly calling Jennifer Aniston “pathetic.” I turned away because, I was sure the rumor, […]

Renee Rings in the Holiday with Bradley’s Parents

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper have been fairly public about their relationship. I guess that’s what happens when you begin the relationship fighting over the same guy with Jennifer Aniston. But since the time when Bradley was seen playing the field all over Hollywood, it seems that he has cozied up to Renee Zellwegger quite […]

Orlando and Miranda Are Engaged. Do We Care?

There was a big celebfest out in Morocco lately and Orlando Bloom was one of the stars in attendance. So was Jennifer Aniston, who was said to be at the event as Orlando’s date. Thinking that was a weird combination and that Jen was once again dipping her pen into the Fountain of Youth, I […]

Gerard Butler Has Daddy Issues

I like Gerard Butler less and less. I’m not much of one for womanizers to begin with, and I see absolutely no appeal to Gerard so, it makes even less sense to me. Being linked with names like Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Burke, and Cameron Diaz, it’s widely known that Gerard Butler truly does like to […]

Stars Can No Longer Seek the Security of Twitter

This post has nothing to do with heartbreak or hookups, but then again, it could have everything to do with the two. It’s now being reported that stars working for some major companies are being banned from using Twitter as an outlet. The worry? That these celebs that are Twitter-tastic will spill the beans on some […]

Jen Only has Eyes for Gerard

I’m so sick of this whole thing between Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, and Gerard Butler. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Renee Zellweger either. I don’t have the time or the energy to rehash the whole entire saga but last we heard on Jen’s side of things, was that she was ‘secretly dating’ Bradley Cooper. […]

Bradley and Renee Do Spain Together

Well, if the rumor that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston were dating each other on the sly was true, and they really are trying to make a show of not being together, this one is sure tocinch it. Bradley was just seen in Spain with the other woman involved in this love triangle – Renee […]

Are They or Aren’t They?

The world’s most famous watched couple/non-couple right now are Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper. First, there’s a weird love triangle going on, involving Renee Zellweger, then The National Enquirer breaks a story that Jennifer and Bradley are “secretly” dating. Trying to keep a low-pro, ya know. But, now people from Brad’s camp are saying thatthe […]

Jen and Bradley are Pretty Tricky

Bradley Cooper takes Jennifer Aniston out and the media makes a big stink about it. He then, a few nights later, takes Renee Zellweger out and the media makes an even bigger stink about it. Then nothing. Okay, I just wanted to catch everyone up on what’s happening in this absurd love triangle. I would […]

What is Going on With Cameron Diaz?

Cameron Diaz has sort of been laying low lately. After her split from Justin Timberlake, it was big news that she started dating model, Paul Sculfor. The two dated for about six months when they split and last it was reported, Cameron was dating Adam Levine. But all of that happened back in May and […]

What’s Up With Gerard and Jennifer?

Just a few months ago, Gerard Butler was rumored to be the new man in Jennifer Aniston’s life. Of course, since then we’ve heard rumors that she’s devastated over breaking up with John Mayer (a split that she decided on, btw), and that she’s fighting over Bradley Cooper with Renee Zellwegger over Bradley Cooper. But […]

I Wish People Would Leave Jennifer Aniston Alone

Poor, lonely, desperate Jennifer Aniston. If you were to believe everything you read, that’s about the gist of it and I’m so tired of hearing it. If anyone has actually ever listened to Jennifer Aniston speak about her love life, she seems to be pretty okay about it. She’s able to laugh about it and while […]

A Tweet from Moron Mayer

Is Jen Dating Again?

Even during her short time with that loathsome John Mayer, Jennifer Aniston seemed very cavalier about her love life. She took it for what it was, didn’t seem to sweat the small stuff too much, and had a great sense of humor about all of it. Just when we thought that maybe, just maybe, Jen […]

Jennifer Aniston is a Classy Lady

Jennifer Aniston is Just Like the Rest of Us

It’s no secret that Jennifer Aniston has had her share of problems in the love-life department. She’s probably one of the most followed actresses when it comes to her personal life and ever since her high-profile marriage and divorce from Brad Pitt, people have wanted to know who she’s dating and who’s heart she’s breaking. But sometimes, […]

Is John Still Pining for Jen?

One of the many, many women that John Mayer has been filling his time with since his split from Jennifer Aniston has come forward and revealed that John has been spending his lonesome nights playing his guitar while looking sadly out his window and singing sweet, sweet love songs about Jen. All of this comes from Scheana Marie Jancan, […]

Aniston may be Ready to Make Nice…With Everybody

There’s no doubt that Jennifer Aniston has had a tough go of it the past few years. She had a very bitter and very public divorce, went into hiding, came out of hiding and was scrutinized in the media with every breath she took, not to mention the slight seizure she went into when she decided […]

Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating? yarrow milfoil

https://holistickenko.com/herbs-bruce-trail-ontario/ yarrow milfoil The world just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask who Jennifer Aniston was dating at least on a weekly basis. She has been busy working on her new movie, The Baster, on which some people on the chammomile and the set have reportedly called her ‘cold’ and ‘short’ but perhaps to blast […]