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Britney Spears Fires Her Boyfriend

You would think that when you’ve fired your boyfriend, things are really on a slippery slope in your relationship. But it seems like just the opposite is true for Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Jason has been representing the pop star ever since 2006, which means that he also saw her through her […]

Is Britney Becoming a Jew?

When Britney Spears decides to do something, she really goes all out, doesn’t she? If she wants to spend more time with her kids, she locks herself in a bathroom with one of them. If she wants to get a haircut, she shaves her entire head. Now, she’s started dating her agent, Jason Trawick, and […]

Britney and Her Man Trade Hair Color

Uh oh. Remember the last time we saw Britney dye her hair so that she could stay true to her brunette roots? Yep, that’s right. It was right before she went cuckoo crazy. Once she got back on the road to good health, she dyed her extensions back to the normal blonde that we’re all […]

Britney Continues to Confirm Jason Trawick as New BF

Is Britney Engaged?

Rumor Squashing: Britney is Still Single

Or at least that’s what we know so far. But she definitely is not, I repeat – not dating her talent agent, Jason Trawick. Nope the two are not an item. They are not together. There’s no coupledom here. Do you get the picture? Because that’s just about how this ‘inside source’ of Brit’s puts it to […]