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Janet and Jermaine: Splitsville!

Wow, this is yet another shocker of the summer! Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri have split. The two have been together for 7 years! And so now, they just split? And while Janet is still in mourning for her brother? Has the grief made her do crazy things? Or was Jermaine just not as supportive […]

The Custody Saga of MJ’s Kids Continues

Michael Jackson died and everyone immediately started talking about custody of his kids. That’s pretty normal I think, when anyone passes away. And I think it’s even normal that everyone should want the children to go to them. Add to that the fact that these children come with millions of dollars attached to them, and […]

Janet Speaks about Michael at the BET Awards

The Jackson Family Makes a Statement

And He’ll Say it Again!

Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson’s boyfriend and rumored father of her child, went to his blog once again to destroy rumors that Janet was pregnant. These two aren’t new to these types of rumors but just recently, people have been barraging them with questions and looking for Janet’s bump after she cancelled her tour, which was then automatically assumed […]

Mariah Proves Once Again She’s a Janet-Wannabe

It’s no secret that ever since she burst onto the music scene at some unfortunate time in the 1990s, Mariah Carey has done everything she could to copy Janet Jackson’s image. She wore the tight, black spandex and the big, hoop earrings and I’m sure that she would have spent much more time in choreography if she […]

Do You Think Janet’s Preggers?

Well, if you do, you may want to clue her boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri into that fact as he was just telling US a few short days ago that his girlfriend, Janet Jackson, is not, under any circumstances pregnant. That certainly seemed to be right on with Janet’s own declarations not that long ago that she […]

It’s Not a Party ’til Janet Gets Puked On

Janet Jackson was recently in the news saying that it would be awhile before she and boyfriend, Jermaine Dupri had kids and that it was she that was holding things up. Well it seems that Jermaine may need to wait even longer before hearing the pitter-patter of little feet as he recently had a bit […]

Janet’s Vague about Kids

There were once rumors that Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri had secretly gotten married – that was last summer. Janet clearly squashed those in a February People interview when she said that she may be ‘allergic to marriage.’ But now, perhaps in an attempt to squash rumors before they start, she has opened up a […]

Bobby Brown Is An Idiot

Bobby Brown is so stupid. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love My Prerogative, and rock on, you know party living and all; good stuff. But here is Bobby Brown, trying to make himself look diplomatic, saying all this BS about how he has nothing bad to say about Whitney Houston. Well DUH! That’s because […]