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Gerard Butler Has Daddy Issues

I like Gerard Butler less and less. I’m not much of one for womanizers to begin with, and I see absolutely no appeal to Gerard so, it makes even less sense to me. Being linked with names like Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Burke, and Cameron Diaz, it’s widely known that Gerard Butler truly does like to […]

Janet Speaks about Michael at the BET Awards

I didn’t watch the BET Awards last night but gathering from what I’ve read in the blogs and online dailies, it was all about Michael, Michael, Michael, as it should have been. It started with Jamie Foxx doing a montage of Michael Jackson moves while dressed in full Michael gear, complete with a red leather […]

Are you a Jamie Fan or a Gerard Fan?

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are filming a movie together that’s called Law Abiding Citizen and apparently, all does not go well between the two actors on the set. The two seem to be in some sort of juvenile pissing competition over the ladies and Jamie likes to go to Vegas, which is also complicating things. It all sounds […]