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Another Quiet Split

It seems that it’s been a week of bad, and big, breakups. First there was Kate Hudson and A-Rod, and now there’s another Splitsville title going to Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. No one could seem to get in agreeement about what was going on with these two and Reese even disputed some of the […]

Apparently We Thought Reese and Jake Had Split Up. But They Haven’t.

I don’t like the fact that there are rumors floating around that Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have split up one bit! Ididn’t even hear about rumors of these two being in trouble until I read a denial of the rumor from Reese’s camp. Apparently, the two are fine and the rumors are not true. […]

*Sigh* Don’t Ya Just Loooove Reese?

I am in awe of Reese Witherspoon. I have been ever since I first saw her in Cruel Intentions. I actually even joke about she’s my BFF sometimes. Not because I’m obsessed but because I just loooove her that much! She’s hot, she’s smart, and she doesn’t let the tabloids get her down! Now, you’ve […]

When are These Two Gonna get Married, Already? forest walking japan

I am actually in no rush to see Reese Witherspoon marry anybody else any time soon. But  she and Jake Gyllenhaal are just so cute together I can’t help but want to push them both down the nature immunity and the aisle just a tiny bit! There actually is no talk of forest mood and […]

Reese’s Kids Keep Her Grounded

I love hearing kid stories. About the funny things they say and do because with kids, you just never know what’s going to come out of their mouths. And I love hearing Reese Witherspoon talk about her kids and tell her own kid stories because they are always so funny and so real! Parents magazine recently had […]

Reese Talks about Custody, Kids & Marriage

Sometimes Cheaters Do Win!

I thought it was so sad when Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe announced that they were getting a divorce only two years ago. One, because I had loved Ryan Phillipe and the news that he was just another no-good cheater was very upsetting to me. Two, because Ilove Reese Witherspoon, and still do, and the […]

Jake and Reese will not Marry

Well at least not yet anyway. The Daily Mail sent Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon fans aflutter just a few days ago when they announced that the couple was about to be married later on this year. The source came from a close friend of Jake’s who claimed that Jake had asked the Walk the […]

Ryan and Reese both Move On

Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon have both been very busy since their separation in October 2006. In less than two years, they have both found someone that they want to spend the rest of their lives with. Aw, isn’t that nice? Unfortunately, they have both already made those promises to each other and it didn’t […]

Happy Hollywood Endings

It’s nice to know that even with all of the drama of Hollywood, some people seem to just make it after all! Here are some real-life Hollywood happy endings (so far) happening in Hollywood this week. may be due for a happy ending with boyfriend John Mayer as rumors that he has been hitting on […]

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Make a Big Move

Yep, Reese and Jake are shackin up! Reese, who has won an Oscar for her role in Walk the Line started dating the Brokeback Mountain star last spring and although the two tried very hard for a long to keep their romance quiet, they can no longer keep their love under wraps as Jake has […]

Ryan Phillippe Denies Ever Being A Manwhore

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon supposedly made the mutual decision to divorce, according to Ryan. I have an idea that Ryan might have wanted a divorce so he could feel free to pursue more celebrity booty, and Reese wanted a divorce because she was sick of him cheating on her. But he says that’s not […]

Dunst’s Partying Caused by Split

Fans were shocked last week when Kirsten Dunst checked into the Cirque Lodge Treatment Centre, a place where Hollywood types go to get control over their substance abuse issues. The soft-spoken and highly respected Spiderman actress just didn’t seem thetype to fall into that kind of trouble. But those in her close circles knew different. […]


Gyllenspoon aren’t ready to pick out a silverware pattern just yet for their wedding registry. Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been a couple for about a year now. Recently it was reported that Jake proposed on bended knee to Reese. Reese’s rep pooh-poohs the idea and says there’s not a shred of truth to […]

Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon Reunite

There are rumours circulating like cupcakes in a kindergarten classroom, that Reese Witherspoon, and her ex-husband, Ryan Phillippe, are working out the marital problems they had while they were together, for six years. Ryan did cheat on Reese while they were together, but, who knows… maybe he’s just misunderstood? Not likely, but we’ll give him […]

Reese & Jake: Keep an eye out…

We ..and we’ll say it again…there is some definite hook up potential between Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal. The two are on set filming, “Rendition”. P.S. The pregnant belly is a prop for the movie….unless there’s something she’s hiding? Haha!

Look out for Reesenhaal!

What do we know about ReeseWitherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal? Reese, totally cute, super actress and newly single. Jake Gyllenhaal, totally cute, super stud and hopefully straight. Well..I’m just putting this out there…but what do you think about a Reese and Jake romantic relationship..Cute huh? It could happen folks! Reese & Jake are getting set to […]