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I Can’t Even Believe How Pathetic These People Are

In case you’re a regular reader of Rolling Stone magazine, you’ll be able to read the article tomorrow that’s written about Hulk Hogan and includes an interview in which Hogan compares himself to O.J. Simpson, talks about cutting everyone’s throat, and places himself in that horrible situation and says that he ‘gets it.’ I don’t even understand where […]

Who Says Money Won’t Buy Freedom?

Hulk Hogan was a man of many words when his son, Nick Bollea was charged with reckless driving for an incident that left his friend, who was in the car at the time, brain damaged. Of course this is horrifying and tragic news and devastating to both families however, these things do sometimes happen and […]

The Latest on Divorces and Divorcees

It seems that the world of hookups and breakups in Hollywood has been busy focusing on the breakup side of things. Just when people are starting to get over the Madonna/Guy Ritchie drama, all kinds of celebrities are coming out of the woodwork announcing separations and divorces. Others who have recently joined the list of […]

Hulk Hogan & Linda Marie Bollea: DUNZO!

Remember how you guys keptcommenting on that practically ancient story of ours, about how Hulk and his wife Linda were just joking about getting a divorce? Well, apparently all of you lunatics were justified. The bodacious blonde Linda, who had been married to Hulk for over 24 years, has filed for a divorce from the […]

Hulk Hogan: Another reality star teases about divorce