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The Best Tiger Woods Mistress: Jamie Jungers!

As you might be aware, Howard Stern recently held the Tiger Woods’ Mistress Beauty Pageant in order to see who the most beautiful mistress was that was had by the famous golfer while he was still married. Howard began the pageant by having all the mistresses dress up in bikinis, and then he asked them […]

The After Shocks of Kimmel and Silverman Split

In very surprising news early last week, Jimmy Kimmel announced that he and his long-term girlfried of five years, Sarah Silverman, had a mutual breakup and have decided that it would be better to find their own paths. It was not only surprising but a little bit sad because these two just seemed so perfect […]

Ryan Phillippe Denies Ever Being A Manwhore

Ryan Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon supposedly made the mutual decision to divorce, according to Ryan. I have an idea that Ryan might have wanted a divorce so he could feel free to pursue more celebrity booty, and Reese wanted a divorce because she was sick of him cheating on her. But he says that’s not […]

Joe Pesci & Angie Everheart: Still Engaged!

Waaaay back in July, of 2007, Angie Everheart and Joe Pesci got engaged, I personally made note of it in a little link found in the main story about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. From HollywoodHeartbreaker: “Joe Pesci, the ultimate movie mobster, and Angie Everhart, Sports Illustrated model, and notorious for dating royalty, are … […]

Kevin Connolly Is A Desperate Skirt Chaser

Honestly, who picks people up from “Dancing With The Stars”? The only people who watch that show are the families of the has-been’s who are in it. Excepting of course, people who have a genuine interest in watching has been’s look like idiots. Which you know, I could be all for, depending. Anyway, Kevin Connolly […]