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In Least Surprising News of the Day…

For all of you who had very high hopes for the relationship between Criss Angel and Holly Madison, you will be very disappointed to know that the two have called it quits. Really, was anyone actually expecting this to work out? These two started their relationship with hints of scandal in the air, as it was […]

Holly and Criss are Goin Public!

Holly Madison jumped right from Hugh Hefner’s bed to Criss Angel’s and because she didn’t do so very discreetly, they have maintained a fairly low-profile since she and the horny old guy broke up. But both of hers and Criss’ birthdays are coming up and they want to celebrate while shouting their love from the […]

What do you Think about Criss and Holly?

Infertility Reason Behind Hugh’s and Holly’s Split

So a lot has been going on at the Playboy Mansion lately. Hugh Hefner is trying to have babies with girlfriend, Holly Madison; Hugh Hefner is starting to find new girls to fill his time with; Hugh Hefner is ‘taking it all in stride’ (as you’ll find out below.) Hmmm….let’s ask ourselves something…aren’t there other […]

Bimbo Strips Again

Holly Madison has been most well-known for her Playboy centerfolds, being Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend, and for playing her part on the reality TV show Girls Next Door is now known for something else. Well, sort of. She’s still taking her clothes off but this time it’s for a good cause, PETA. PETA is of course […]