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Were Lindsay and Heath Dating when He Died?

I can’t believe that Michael Lohan would stoop so low. Okay, I can. No I can’t. I can’t believe that anyone would drag someone who has passed away into one of many family fights. By now we all know that Michael Lohan is being his usual douche bag self and selling any taped conversations that […]

Michelle has Clear Goals for her Daughter

There’s no doubt that Michelle Williams plays the part of doting mother very well. I love seeing the pics of her and little Matilda because they’re all of a normal mom doing normal stuff with her kid. And if Michelle has her way, ‘normal’ is just what Matilda will always be…you know, in her own very special […]

Congratulations, Heath, you did it!

There’s always that little blurb during the Academy Awards where they show the montage of actors that have passed away during the last year but last night, there was a moment of remembrance that was particularly emotional. Perhaps we all expected it as it was greatly anticipated that Heath Ledger was not only nominated for Best […]

And the Golden Globe Goes To…

Matilda! It was just a week ago tonight that Heath Ledger won the Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor for his brilliantly creepy portrayal of the Joker in The Dark Knight. It was second official award that Heath has won posthumously for the role, the first being one awarded by the Australian Film Institute. While that one […]

An Emotional Night for Heath Ledger’s Family

It will be a very, very long time before any of us forgets about the tragic death of Heath Ledger that occurred almost one year ago. It was right around the time that he was finishing up filming his part on The Dark Knight and when I first heard that there was Oscar buzz surrounding […]

Michelle Talks about Heath

Michelle Williams may not speak publicly very often (let’s be honest, she doesn’t need to – her class shines on its own) but when she does, people usually sit up and take notice. This coming January will mark the one-year anniversary of the death of her ex-fiance, and father to their daughter, Matilda, Heath Ledger. […]

10 Million Dollar Baby may be Denied

Apparently, the insurance policy that Heath Ledger used to cover his life insurance stated that his daughter, Matilda, was to receive ten million dollars upon turning of proper age and until that time, it was to be given to someone else to be held in trust. Well it doesn’t really matter how much it is […]

Michelle Williams Shows Love for Heath

It’s clear that whatever happened between Michelle Williams and Heath Ledger, they once had a very good thing and Michelle clearly still has a very soft spot in her heart reserved just for Heath. She was seen in several degrees of mourning after his death in January and while it’s undoubtedly still a tough time […]

The Latest Updates on the Hottest Stars

This week’s wrap up is a little bit of everything as stars are busy hooking up, breaking up, having babies and of course, dodging rumors. Here’s what’s happening in Tinseltown this week. and Portia de Rossi have set a date for their wedding, which will now legally take place in California. It seems that they […]

Ledger’s Will Comes Out

Details of Heath Ledger’s will have recently been released and the findings were somewhat shocking. Ledger’s will, which was made in 2003 had never been updated. Meaning, that Heath left everything to his parents and his three sisters. In the will, there was no mention of leaving anything to Michelle Williams, who he was engaged to […]

Lindsay Lohan Naked; Daringly Trying To Pull Off Marilyn Monroe

The freckles. Ugh. I don’t know what it is about the freckles. It’s like, I’m caught halfway in-between thinking, “Imperfections are beautiful,” and “Ew, it looks like a rash.” I’d love to have some opinions from the audience on this one. Lindsay Lohan naked. Are her boobs real? Do you really think she looks anything […]

Is Lohan Blaming Show-Business For Heath Ledger’s Death?

Nah, not really. I believe the exact quote contained the word “can”, not “will”. Yet, it makes good news to spin bullsh*t out of thin air. I’m not going to go either way on this. In my opinion, it’s up to everyone to read meaning in someone else’s words. Not to mention the words of […]

Michelle Williams Likes Her Post-Baby Body

With Heath Ledger’s death, Michelle Williamshas been cast into the spotlight a lot lately. And it’s a place that she doesn’t really feel all that comfortable. This time, Celebedge reports that she was talking about the daughter that Heath fathered and how much of a miracle she is. She also says that having a baby […]

Michelle Williams Attends Heath Ledger’s Funeral On Saturday

The funeral of the much swooned over, Heath Ledger took place in his hometown in Australia on Saturday, where Michelle Williams attended with their daughter, Matilda. No doubt, the entire crowd was devastated at the loss of such a bright young man, and it’s a sad fact, that living hard means dying young. From People: […]

Kirsten Dunst In Rehab

Along with half the other celebrities! Honestly, I know this is naughty of me, but would it not be absolute justice if all celebrities had to stay in rehab, and could only come out for filming? That’s certainly how it seems lately. You can’t turn your head for two seconds without some Hollywood flake entering […]

Michelle Williams Mourns Ledger

Among the mourners at Heath Ledger’s memorial service on Saturday morning was Michelle Williams, the late actors former fiance. After the service, as people were jumping into the ocean, Williams was also dragged in there – sundress, sunglasses, and all. According to People Magazine, “At least 50 people attending the wake ran onto the beach […]

Autopsy of Heath Ledger Inconclusive

The Medical Examiner’s office in N.Y. says the autopsy of Heath Ledger is inconclusive. It may take ten days to complete. Ledger was found yesterday, lying naked and face down. Sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medicine were in the bedroom and bathroom. His father, Kim Ledger, spoke to the press from his home in Perth, Australia. […]

Heath Ledger Found Dead In Manhattan Apartment

Ladies and gentlemen, extremely sad news. The actor Heath Ledger was discovered in his apartment in Manhattan, New York, by his housekeeper today, dead. The causes of death are as of yet unknown, but hopefully, there will be more details coming soon. From WNBC News: “A New York Police Department spokesman says the actor Heath […]

Heath Ledger Trades Up To Helena Christensen flower arrangements

Heath Ledger, who only weeks ago split from his longtime fiancee Michelle Williams, is possibly already moved on to bigger and better things. Rumors that he has been romancing Danish supermodel Helena Christensen are swirling. Heath and Michelle met in 2004 while filming Brokeback Mountain, and had a daughter together, who was born in October […]