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Guy Ritchie is Still In Love with Madonna

There’s no talk of a reunion here but apparently, Guy Ritchie is still very much in love with Madonna. In a recent interview, the London director spoke about his feelings for his ex-wife and swooned and swooned about the pop star’s physical capabilities, saying that Madonna could out-dance and out-move any 23-year-old. He also talked […]

Madonna’s Contract: Rule 347

One of the things that became most famous about Madonna’s marriage to Guy Ritchie was that she had a contract of rules that he must follow should he wish to stay happily married, within a confined and controlled manner, to her. Now it seems that she has passed on this contract of other-half rules to her […]

Madonna’s Problems in Love and Adoption

It’s not easy being Madonna. First Guy Ritchie doesn’t let you bat him around with that fly swatter and then you realize that the 22-year-old that you’re dating just isn’t as mature as you thought he was. Huh. Yes, Madonna has broken it off with the man who could be her son, Jesus Luz because she wouldn’t meet him […]

Madonna Brainwashes Another

It seems as though Madonna has made the decision to completely wash another person’s brain from anything it’s ever known and fill it with nonsense about Kabbalah water and about how she’s the Queen of the Earth. This time, the wide-eyed and unsuspecting victim is her new young hottie, Jesus Luz who she started seeing immediately after […]

Madonna and Jesus Luz Step Out

Hanging out at her second home, the Kabbalah Center, last night Madonna was seen all dressed up for the Jewish holiday of Purim and she brought none other than her new boy toy, Jesus Luz. I’m not sure what dressing up like a school girl, or the Joker for that matter, has to do with celebrating a […]

Madonna Gets Her Kids

Well the final details of the ugly divorce between Madonna and Guy Ritchie obviously aren’t all hammered out yet as a new decision has just been made to let Madonna take her kids back to New York with her, even though Guy was adamant to keep the kids in Britain. Well, just another hissy fit by Guy and just another […]

J.Lo and Marc will Celebrate Valentine’s Day

By singing a duet together and then getting a divorce. You gotta hand it to the stars these days who think that it’s appropriate to plan out when you’re going to get divorced, and then decide on huge, grand gestures to end the marriage with – such as singing a duet together just before you […]

Madonna is just Evil

Madonna made her first mistake when she announced her divorce prematurely. It was premature because she unfortunately announced it in March of this year when she knew that she wanted to wait until her stupid tour was over so that she could ensure that she could make as much as possible from it. I guess she […]

It’s Official: Madge Settles for a Cool $100 Mill

This settlement figure that has come out in the final divorce details of Madonna and Guy Ritchie have me worried. In October when it came out that the two were in fact ending their marriage, Ritchie had said that he didn’t want Madonna’s money and that he would sacrifice all of it in order to be able to see […]

More on Madonna

This whole divorce has made me realize how truly ugly of a person Madonna is. It actually pains me a little to say that because I, like so many other people, grew up looooving Madonna. I loved the fact that she represented everything my mom hated and I loved the fact that she was always […]

The Thanksgiving Day Charade is Over!

Thank God it’s Over!

Well I guess Madonna’s name is still good for something because she has been granted a quick divorce from her very-soon-to-be-ex husband, Guy Ritchie. I think other than the fact that this very smart judge realized that the entire world wanted to stop hearing about these two, the divorce was granted so quickly because really, […]

Madonna Will Sell Her Kids

Madonna’s Latest Juvenile Move

In an attempt to show that she actually is better than Guy Ritchie, Madonna has decided to take up directing as her latest career move. Hmm….me thinks this isn’t such a hot idea and not strictly because the last movie she directed, Filth and Wisdom, is a complete unknown and because she seems to think […]

Malawi Sticks it to Madge!

Madonna/Ritchie Split Only Gets Nastier

I know that there have been some ugly celebrity divorces splashed across the headlines but this one between Madonna and Guy Ritchie may just make it to the top of the list. Between getting the cult-like religion of Kabbalah heavily involved, hurling insults backand forth, and even more weird cult-like ‘marriage rules’, this is certainly […]

Why are People Shocked About This?

Madonna Makes me Ill

Yep, this is another celebrity that I used to love, love, lovebut her recent actions have made me just about despise this woman. Madonna first announces in March that she most likely will get divorced but wants her tour to play out and make all the money she can off it first. This is a […]

Some Divorces are more than Sad toronto delivery gifts

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are getting a divorce. Are you surprised? Probably not because I don’t think anyone’s surprised about this one. Although there have been rumors for months and months and months about these two being headed for Splitsville, they actually started in March, when it was told that they would divorce but that […]

Alex Rodriguez has Been a Busy Boy!

The news broke this past summer that the heat and steam in the air was more than just the humidity when rumors started to circulate that Madonna was having an affair with Alex Rodriguez. They were both married at the time and the rumors stated that Madonna was seen at Yankees games, there to cheer […]