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Gerard Butler Has Daddy Issues

I like Gerard Butler less and less. I’m not much of one for womanizers to begin with, and I see absolutely no appeal to Gerard so, it makes even less sense to me. Being linked with names like Jennifer Aniston, Cheryl Burke, and Cameron Diaz, it’s widely known that Gerard Butler truly does like to […]

Jen Only has Eyes for Gerard

I’m so sick of this whole thing between Jennifer Aniston, Bradley Cooper, and Gerard Butler. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget Renee Zellweger either. I don’t have the time or the energy to rehash the whole entire saga but last we heard on Jen’s side of things, was that she was ‘secretly dating’ Bradley Cooper. […]

What’s Up With Gerard and Jennifer?

Just a few months ago, Gerard Butler was rumored to be the new man in Jennifer Aniston’s life. Of course, since then we’ve heard rumors that she’s devastated over breaking up with John Mayer (a split that she decided on, btw), and that she’s fighting over Bradley Cooper with Renee Zellwegger over Bradley Cooper. But […]

Are you a Jamie Fan or a Gerard Fan?

Jamie Foxx and Gerard Butler are filming a movie together that’s called Law Abiding Citizen and apparently, all does not go well between the two actors on the set. The two seem to be in some sort of juvenile pissing competition over the ladies and Jamie likes to go to Vegas, which is also complicating things. It all sounds […]

Who is Jennifer Aniston Dating? yarrow milfoil

https://holistickenko.com/herbs-bruce-trail-ontario/ yarrow milfoil The world just wouldn’t be right if we didn’t ask who Jennifer Aniston was dating at least on a weekly basis. She has been busy working on her new movie, The Baster, on which some people on the chammomile and the set have reportedly called her ‘cold’ and ‘short’ but perhaps to blast […]

More Gerard Butler Romance Rumors

This time revolving around Gerard and his neighbor Cheryl Burke; supposedly they shared a secret kiss at Eva Longoria’s restaurant. Before I get into it, I have to address this nagging irritation I have here. Why does everyone suddenly only give a shit about Butler‘s television career? He was in Beowulf, damn it! He was […]

Why Celebrities Get a Bad Rep

It’s true, mention the word “celebrity” and automatically people think of someone that is rich, famous, spoiled and more often than not, stupid. These may be generalizations but there are lots of celebrities out there that prove this to be very true. Here are the top stories of stupid celebrities this week. attended a teen […]

Cameron Diaz & Gerard Butler Did Not Hookup!

Gerard Butler wants us all to be perfectly clear on this point; according to Us Magazine, Gerard was very passionate in his denial that he and Cameron Diaz ever had any bang sessions at any point. It’s okay, Gerard, calm down! We believe you! Honestly, by denying it so quick, he kind of makes the […]