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Gary Coleman Didn’t Want to Die

Obviously. What that title actually means is that Gary Coleman had an official document that stated that he did not want the plug pulled on him should he ever be in that situation. And as we all know, Shannon Price, Gary’s ex-wife, pulled the plug on him after he’d only been hooked up to life […]

Shannon Price May Not be a Murderer, But She Is an Idiot

If you don’t know who Shannon Price is by now, you may want to skip this entire post and just continue your life without ever hearing her name. Shannon is the psycho stupid ex-wife of the late Gary Coleman, who died last week in a Utah hospital after a brain hemorrhage. The day after Gary’s […]

It’s Divorce Court for Coleman and Price

Literally, Divorce Court, as in the TV show. Gary Coleman announced early this year that he and his new wife, Shannon Price had secretly gotten married on a mountaintop last August. The story had questions – valid questions – thrown its way from the very beginning. Why the secrecy? Why is such a young, attractive […]

Whachu Talkin Bout?

Who doesn’t remember Different Strokes and the line, “Whachu talkin bout, Willis?” made famous by young Gary Coleman. Now Coleman is 40 years old and has everyone asking that same question of him. It was recently revealed that Coleman was married in the summer of 2007. August 28, to be exact. The woman that he […]