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So Many Rumors Surrounding Halle and Gabriel!

I really thought that this whole breakup between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry was going to be a quiet, albeit sad, affair. It turns out, there are all kinds of rumors swirling around and nobody, except for Halle and Gabriel, can seem to figure out what the truth really is. The first rumor that went […]

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry: Splitsville!

Aw, this is a split that really makes me sad. Partly because there’s little Nahla to think about, and partly because it’s Halle Berry and there’s just something about her I’ve always liked. Every time you see Halle Berry she just sort of exudes sophistication and class and, she’s a great actress to boot. Halle […]

Halle Berry Welcomes Her Daughter

Halle Berry gave birth to her little girl Sunday morning at 10:17 am. She was born at the Los Angeles Hospital, Cedars-Sinai. The healthy darling weighed in at 7lbs, 4 oz. Star Magazine reports, “The actress had checked into the hospital for the second time that day after feeling contractions earlier Saturday morning.”The insider adds […]

Halle Berry’s Third Trimester?

I’m not sure when Halle Berry is going to deliver her baby. Berry claimed to be three months along in September. However, recent photos look like she’s about ready to pop at any moment! Her and her beau, supermodel Gabriel Aubry, have no plans to marry, but are very committed to one another. “I feel […]

Gabriel Aubry Is Sucking Up To Pregnant Halle Berry

Yes, it’s that time for Gabriel Aubry, as it is for almost every man in the world; eventually most have to deal with a pregnant woman. Hey, it’s not always Halle Berry, but they all get pampered, and Halle even moreso. Her boyfriend is falling into the ways of true manhood; surviving a pregnancy. From […]

November 1, 2006

It’s WEDNESDAY..and you know what that means..it’s time for Hump-Day Humpables! Clean off your glasses, wipe the drool from your lip, and sit back and enjoy Hollywood Heartbreaker’s Hump Day Hump-ables*! *Consider this one a package deal…I was only going to post a male hump-able** today..but Halle Berry & her boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry are so […]