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Eminem and Kim Mathers are Not Back Together!

And thank God for it! Apparently there were rumors that Eminem and his ex-wife, Kim Mathers, had gotten back together. And even more so, that they were expecting a second child together! I am so very thankful that I didn’t hear about these rumors until they were disputed. Mostly because I probably would have broken […]

Mariah Carey Tries to Diss Eminem

Mariah Carey seems to think that she can be as brilliant and cutting as Eminem is in his lyrics but, she is wrong. Her and her little whipping boy, Nick Cannon have gotten themselves all up in aflutter over Em’s lyrics in his song Bagpipes from Baghdad, which is on his latest album, Relapse. In […]

Yep, He Got Me

I am one of what I’m hoping is many that was fooled by the prank that Sacha Baron Cohen played on Eminem at the MTV Awards on Sunday. What looked like a lame attempt to humiliate Em and a subsequent beating to Cohen by Em’s bodyguards and a further subsequent storming out of the awards by Slim Shady himself, was all […]

Is it Funny or Just Stupid?

This story has nothing to do with love, relationships, or scandal but I feel it’s necessary to post because of my own personal love for Eminem and from reading other blogs and stories, someone must stand up for the guy and say that this is just not funny. Eminem is doing crazy promotion right now for his […]

Another Celebrity Feud with Eminem

It’s no secret that Eminem makes no secret of who he has a problem with. Whether he be cursing people out in his lyrics or simply straight up dissin’ em in an interview, Em’s got a way of letting people know just what he thinks and he don’t really give two toots what you have to say […]

Shocking News on Eminem and his Mom

It is exactly 11 days until the release of Relapse, Eminem’s first album since he took a musical hiatus in 2004. Since that time, a lot has happened in Em’s life – as we all would have expected, I suppose, he has been known to get into some pretty bad situations. But the past few years have been […]

Penelope Cruz may be my New BFF

I know this blog is to talk about the heartaches and romances of Tinseltown but I do feel thatthis is related as there is a new hookup on the horizon – and it’s me and Penelope Cruz. Not a romance but she may just be a contender to become my new best friend. The funny part? […]

How much would you pay for a date with Anne Hathaway? easy gluten free banana bread muffins

Flowers: $35. Dinner at a nice restaurant: $100. Bottle of gluten free banana and of champagne: $70. Date with Anne Hathaway: Priceless. Well, not for three fans who spent a whopping $12,000 for a date with the how to make gluten free banana muffins and the The Devil Wears Prada star but if you want […]

Eminem Prefers Fists to Guns

I love, love, love Eminem and so, I will take any opportunity to write about him and with his new book, The Way I Am, just out, there are sure to be tons of juicy stories coming out about this oh-so-fabulous rapper. The most recent story has Em talking about guns and the tragic role […]

Eminem and Kim are Good Now

With the news of Eminem’s new album being released sometime later this year (translate – in the next 2 months!!!), I was actually most interested to hear about his family life, since he seems to spend so much time writing about it. I couldn’t help but wonder what sweet little Hailie Jade is up to […]

Guess Who’s Back?!?!

It seemed like such a long time ago when Eminem announced that he was hanging up his gloves and retiring from the music industry to stay at home and concentrate on being a dad to Hailie Jade, who was six at the time, in 2004. Being a new parent myself, I understood his decision although […]

Eminem & Kim: Divorce Finalized AGAIN! beet cream

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