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Bump Watch: Heidi Klum

Is it just me, or does it seem like Heidi Klum has been pregnant fooooorever? I really thought that she would beat Ellen Pompeo to the punch by being the first one to give birth. But, weeks after Ellen’s little one has entered the world, Heidi still looks amazing as she carries her little one […]

Ellen Pompeo Has a Baby Girl!

Aw, there’s a new bundle of pink and joy in the world as Ellen Pompeo gave birth to Stella Luna Pompeo! Stella was born on September 15 and I commend the proud parents, Ellen and Chris Ivery for being able to keep the joyous news under wraps for as long as they have. I also […]

Bump Watch: Ellen Pompeo

All summer long we’ve been watching Ellen Pompeo grow bigger and bigger with that ever-growing bundle in her tummy. We only have a few more glimpses of this pregnant actressthough, she’s expected to deliver sometime early fall, which is very, very soon. I was very happy to come across this pic of Ellen. In every […]

Bump Watch: Ellen Pompeo

I suppose the Hollywood baby boom is over. I think the last 5 Bump Watch’s that I’ve done have been on Ellen Pompeo. There’s just no one getting preggers at the time being! But, alas, I suppose for now we can focus solely on Ellen. And while we’re doing that, I just have to ask […]

Bump Watch: Ellen and Heidi

Both Ellen Pompeo and Heidi Klum announced their pregnancies in April and Seal also announced at the same time that Heidi was about three monthspregnant while Ellen’s camp gave the vague ‘due in the fall’ response. I don’t know though, I would think it would have to be very early fall because after carrying this baby around all summer, Ellen’s going […]

Bump Watch: Ellen Pompeo

With the fifth season of her very successful show, Grey’s Anatomy, all wrapped up, a very pregnant Ellen Pompeo swung by the construction site of her new home to see that all was as it should be. Can I just say that this is a truly horrible that Ellen has chosen? One of my favorite things about […]

Bump Watch: Ellen Pompeo

I didn’t really think that we would hear too much about Ellen Pompeo’s pregnancy after she announced it just last week. I suppose it’s because I have a bad habit of disliking actors based on the characters they play and I can’t stand Meredith on Grey’s Anatomy. But it seems there are a few people interested […]

Ellen Pompeo is Having a Baby!

Grey’s Anatomy star, Ellen Pompeo is having a baby and it is the first for her and her husband, Chris Ivery. The two are practically still newlyweds, as they were married in 2007 but according to Ellen, it’s time to get started. And that they did! From Bump Shack, “We enjoy our life so much,” Pompeo said in […]