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Elle MacPherson Flushes Feminism Straight Down the Drain

Honestly. I had hoped that with the great strides that women have made in the past few decades, and with how far we have come, that women have stopped viewing themselves as only sex symbols and objects to admire. I had hoped that we had come to a place where we could be happy with […]

It’s Nice When Multimillionaires Find Each Other

On Saturday, reps for Uma Thurman confirmed that she was engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Arpad Busson. Uma is mostly known for her role as Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction and she has also starred in Kill Bill and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. Arki, as he’s known to friends, is a financial expert. From […]

Adams Needs to Come Out with It Already! functions of liver in body

Why Bryan Adams and Elle Macpherson insist on keeping their relationship a secret is beyond me. I mean, he’s a super hot rocker and she is a super hot supermodel. It makes sense that they would come together given the what are two functions of the liver and the opportunity so why don’t they think […]