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What is Drew Barrymore Thinking?

I truly love Drew Barrymore and I love her relationship with Justin Long even more. The two are just so cute together. But as I was reading a cute quote of Drew’s, the articles intro said that the two were rumored to be engaged. That I had to find out more about because if these […]

Drew and Justin are in Trouble

In the on-again/off-again relationship that is Drew Barrymore and Justin Long, the current status is currently on-again, but it’s looking like it’s about to be off at any moment. We didn’t hear too much about these two after they got back together earlier this year but now, rumors are that these two are headed for […]

Drew and Justin Hit a Rocky Patch

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long haven’t even confirmed that they’re back together (even though the rest of us know it already) and The National Enquirer is reporting that they may be headed for Splitsville. What is it with the tabloids this week? First they turned a spat between Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz into a […]

Another Drew and Justin Spotting

I wish these people would understand that if you want people to think that you’re not together, you should really stop being seen out together. And you should especially avoid being seen trying to avoid being seen together! But once again, Drew Barrymore and Justin Long defy their own denials that they have hooked back up when they […]

Drew is not Dating Justin…or Anyone Else

I don’t think Drew Barrymore minds when people talk about her, especially when it’s about something as innocent as who she’s currently dating. The new Drew doesn’t really seem to mind much of anything. And by new, I mean, this Drew that is constantly happy and just wanting everyone around her to be happy. But, if people are […]

So Happy I Could Cry!

When Drew Barrymore and Justin Long split just shy of a year after they started dating in the summer of 2007, I was both very saddened and surprised by the news of the split. They had seemed so happy and were crazy over-the-moon about each other, just to all of a sudden have it announced one day […]

Drew may Really be Back on the Bottle

It was reported shortly after her breakup with Justin Long last summer that Drew Barrymore just couldn’t handle the pain anymore and had turned to the bottle to drown her broken-hearted woes. Actually, her rumored drinking was said to be one of the reasons why her and Justin broke up but none of the rumors were ever verified […]

Are Drew and Hugh a New Couple?

Drew and Hugh. It just sounds cute, doesn’t it? Well if Page Six is to be believed, these two think that they’re pretty cute together too. I personally would love for this couple to happen but I’m not buying into this one. She was reported to be with Jason Segel, the How I Met Your Mother star as […]

Justin Long Shows his Funny and Classy Side

Make sure you watch The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday because Justin Long’s going to be on and this is one super funny young man! He along with the rest of his cast mates, are doing crazy promotion right now for the new movie He’s Just not That Into You, in which he costars with some […]

Are Drew and Jason a New Couple?

I hadn’t heard much about Drew Barrymore after her heartbreaking break-up with Justin Long this past July and after it was rumored that the split hit her so hard that she had taken back to drinking but it seems that she has been quite busy lately with what could be a new love interest. She […]

Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

Maureen McCormick, who many know much better as Marsha Brady, has recently come out with a book titled Here’s the Story in which she explains in detail how she was a major cokehead and even exchanged sex adn allowed herself to be videotaped, all in the name of getting more drugs. She almost completely ruined […]

Celebrities Finding Love

What would celebrities be without their constant quest for love? Okay, and money and fame, and just about everything else but it is true that Tinseltown is like one big soap opera. And in good soap fashion, this week there are lots of couples that have been busy making a love connection! It seems that […]

Kate No Longer Taking the Tour de Lance

This has been the summer of hot romances and unexpected break-ups. First Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have a whirlwind romance that seems to be unbreakable and they suddenly break up and now Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong have ended their intense summer romance for reasons that remain unknown. From the Daily Blabber, “The couple, […]

The Real Reason for Drew/Justin Split?

Well now this is a story that is truly sad. Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses and so, when she split with Justin Long, it was sad to see her heart splattered all over the front pages once again. But what’s even sadder is that Drew may be finding her way back to […]

The End of Justin and Drew

It breaks my heart to say that Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have broken up. This relationship seems to have gone the same way that all of Drew’s relationships do. They meet, they are very public about their relationship in its early stages, claiming from the rooftops how passionate they are about each other and […]

A Fun Ditty for the Jen Haters

Fair is fair and with all the crap I talk about Angelina Jolie, it’s only fair that I throw in a catty Jen story once in a while. Although I want to say I remain true to Jen and love her and support her, this is a chance for all you haters to get your […]

The Newest Love Diet Craze

First there was the Atkins craze and then the South Beach craze. Now, Drew Barrymore has brought to light a new diet that is guaranteed to work. It involves a healthy diet, a little yoga, and a whole lotta love. From Gossip Girls, “Her hot and heavy relationship with Justin Long may have helped her […]

Drew Barrymore & Justin Livin’ La Vida In Mexico

For those of you who don’t remember; Justin Long was the sexy kid who dies in Jeepers Creepers. Oh, and the guy on the road, doing the whole “Turn Back!” routine in the sequel. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long have hooked up, and are spending some romantic time away right now in Mexico. From Us […]

Drew and Justin Going Ga-Ga

Who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore, seen in great films such as 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, and The Wedding Singer? We love her even more when we see her paired with a sweetie such as Justin Long, known more recently for his role as “The Mac Guy” in the “Get Mac” commercials. His other […]