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Donald Trump Speaks about Parenthood

Well it’s very rare that we see Donald Trump speak about anything other than business but he has recently spoken out about what it takes to be a good parent. His words actually don’t surprise me because as ruthless as he is as a businessman, he seems to be a very good parent. It’s obvious […]

Ivana Trump Gets Married… Again

Yes, I know… what else is new? This is the fourth time now, and honestly, I really do wonder at the men that are marrying her? Do they expect to be the ones raking in the cash after the divorce? I swear, it’s like they get married, and then there’s a race to the divorce […]

Donald Trump Scandal With Naked Minor!

Oh say it isn’t so! Donald Trump is involved with a nude minor, Chanell Elaine Hallett serving his brand of vodka at some bash, according to a random tabloid out here in Internet land. The party was held by 944 Magazine, which according to a document found online is the “official lifestyle magazine of 2008 […]

Trump Is Britney’s New Sugar Daddy

It seems like Britney Spears has finally got the sugar daddy she doesn’t — I mean, totally deserves. Donald Trump himself has offered to take her on, and “revive” her career. Good luck, Mr. Trump. I hope he’s prepared for chemical withdrawals. TMZ says: “Armed with the searing insight that she’s a “[bleeping] mess,” Trump […]

The Top Ten Best Acts Of Celebrity Revenge!

10. Do you remember Brandy? You know … -sings a little- “The boy is mine…”? R&B hotty from the 90’s? Well, once upon a time, an ex-beau called her a–… well, a not so very nice name. Supposedly she found the perfect way to pay him back. Scratching his car. A little weak, don’t you […]