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Travis Barker and Mandy Moore Speak about DJ AM

When I first heard of DJ AM’s death on Saturday, the first people I thought of, and that the world thought of I think, were Travis Barker and Mandy Moore. Barker was on the same plane as DJ AM was that ended up crashing and killing 4 other people.Moore dated the DJ for quite awhile […]

Kelly Preston Still in Deep Mourning

It’s a very sad news day today, as first we learned of DJ AM’s death and now wehear a sad story of how Kelly Preston is not yet ready to appear in public. Preston, the mother of Jett Travolta, who died in January in their home in the Bahamas, was due to speak at an […]

DJ AM Found Dead Yesterday

This news is so shocking and so sad for me, I don’t really even know where to begin. TMZ was the first to report that DJ AM was found dead in his apartmentyesterday. It’s always so shocking when young people die, and when they die so unexpectedly, it just makes it even more sad. But […]

Mandy Moore is Engaged

Mandy’s Family Troubles

It seemed that all was well in the world of Mandy Moore, who recently reunited with her ex-boyfriend, DJ AM after he survived a terrible plane crash. But it seems that this girl-next-door face has some serious skeletons in the closet when it comes to her family and Star has revealed them all. From Pop […]

Mandy Moore Hooks back Up with DJ AM

So I have to admit that until that fatal plane crash that nearly claimed the lives of DJ AM and Travis Barker, and did claim the lives of four others, I had never heard of the apparently famous DJ. I did find out, after reading reports of the accidents, that he had been engaged to […]

DJ AM and Travis Barker in Serious/Critical Condition

Due to the horrifying plane crash that DJ AM, Travis Barker, and at least four others had to endure early Friday morning, the DJ and former Blink 182 drummer are both in serious or critical condition. DJ AM hashad to be placed in a drug-enduced coma due to the extent of his injuries and work […]

Brunettes have more fun…

Newly single gals, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra and Nicole Richie have all re-invented their style post-breakup by dyeing their tresses a slightly darker color. Now pay attention ladies..this is a great tactic in getting your ex-boyfriend back. You see..next time he sees you…he won’t recognize you and you can trick him into dating you again. […]

Nicole Richie & DJ AM..BACK ON?

There’s nothing like banging an ex-boyfriend to make you feel better about getting dumped. Nicole is seen here with her ex-boyfriend just two weeks after being dumped by Brody Jenner. Who..btw..is now seeing Lauren Conrad. Ouch! Photo:SplashNews

Nicole Richie & DJ AM: DUNZO.. AGAIN!